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November 2014 Local Movie Guide

We know how hard it is to jumble schedules and catch the films with limited screening. At times, even figuring out the easiest routes between cinemas scattered from North to South (“How do I get to UP in less than 2 hours if I come from Taguig during rush hour?”) and not getting sandwiched in between a traffic, are exhausting already. But what gives, this is all for Philippine cinema, right?

So to help you plot your schedule for the coming days, here’s a guide for the month of November.

QCinema 2014

Venue: Trinoma
Ticket Price: P100; Students & Senior Citizens: P50; Select Films are Free Admission
Screening Date: November 6-11

The Quezon City government ups the ante this year by including a few possible Oscar entries for next year’s race on top of its 10 in-competition documentary and feature films.

  1. 1st Ko si 3rd by Real Florido
  2. Ang Di Paglimot ng Mga Alaala by Carl Joseph Papa
  3. Bigkis by Neal Tan
  4. Cemetery Life by Barbara Politsch
  5. In Darkness We Live by Chris Castillo
  6. Little Azkals by Baby Ruth Villarama
  7. Mauban: Ang Resiko by Lem Lorca
  8. Nick and Chai by Cha Escala & Wena Sanchez
  9. Tigbao by M. Bonifacio
  10. Tres by William Mayo, Edgardo Vinarao, & Jose Carreon

For its world cinema category, here are the list of films:

  1. 52 Tuesdays (2013, Australia)
  2. Ida (2013, Poland / Denmark)
  3. Jauja (2014, Denmark / et al.)
  4. Leviathan (2014, Russia)
  5. Lilet Never Happened (2012, Netherlands / UK / Philippines)
  6. Mommy (2014, Canada)
  7. Two Days, One Night (2014, Belgium / Italy / France)
  8. The Don Juans (2013, Czech Republic)
  9. Oldboy (2003, South Korea)
  10. Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002, South Korea)
  11. Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005, South Korea)


Cinema One Originals

Venue: Trinoma, Fairview Terraces, Glorietta 4, Promenade Greenhills
Ticket Price: P200
Screening Date: November 9-18

Known as one of the most consistent festivals when it comes to producing quality films, Cinema One Originals turns a decade old this year and with it, they bring in a batch of films promising to be “intense”.

  1. Bitukang Manok by Alec Figuracion
  2. Esprit De Corps by Kanakan-Balintagos
  3. Hindi Sila Tatanda by Malay
  4. Lorna by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo
  5. Red by Jay Abello
  6. Seoul Mates by Nash Ang
  7. Soap Opera by Remton Siega Zuasola
  8. That Thing Called Tadhana by Antoinette Jadaone
  9. The Housekeepers by Paolo O’Hara
  10. Violator by Eduardo Dayao

Teatrino Film Series

Venue: Teatrino-Promenade Greenhills
Ticket Price: P200
Screening Date: November 22, 29

For the month of November, the newly opened Teatrino theater in Greenhills will showcase four indie films, some from previous Cinema One batches.

Nov. 22

  1. Shift by Siege Ledesma
  2. Senior Year by Jerrold Tarog

Nov. 29

  1. Blue Bustamante by Miko Livelo
  2. Ang Huling Cha-Cha Ni Anita by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo


For more info on the schedule, please see photos below(click on them for better viewing):

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