Posted December 5, 2013 by Alvin Minon in Movies/TV

Photos of RUROUNI KENSHIN Sequel’s Aoshi and Okina Revealed

It must be the season of movie teasers. We’ve posted recently about Rurouni Kenshin‘s Seta Soujiro photos and now Warner Brothers’ official character page reveals two new photos of its cast.

Aoshi Hinomori, head of the Oniwabansh?, will be played by Yusuke Iseya (Ashita no Joe, Honey & Clover).

On the other hand, Kashiwazaki Nenji aka Okina will be played by Min Tanaka (The Twilight Samurai)

More photos will be revealed soon, with the next one to be revealed on December 9 so just stay tuned!


Alvin Minon