Posted December 10, 2013 by Tricky Ikki in Movies/TV

The Sequel That Makes Me Want To Punch Walls And Stuff Again!

Action junkies rejoice, another installment of the Dublin International Film Festival 2012 Best Film Award winner is coming soon and it’s packed with more violence and gore :)

The Raid: Redemption aka Serbuan Maut came out on 2011 and wowed the audience with stunning stunt work and fight scenes that are just exhausting to watch. But now a sequel of it is on post-production and will show on early 2014 said Gareth Evans. It is said that the story begins just two hours after the ending of the first movie (talk about not getting a breather).

Here’s the trailer:

As you can see at the trailer that they didn’t take away the exhausting violence and gore so that’s good, and we also got to see some new kinds of action like girl action (oh yes!). I can’t wait for this to come out because my expectations are high since the last movie was just awesome.

It’s a good thing it’s not over yet


Tricky Ikki