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Wrath of the Titans Review

Reviewing Wrath of the Titans from Warner Bros. and stars Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes and Rosamund Pike.

We were lucky enough to see “Wrath of the Titans” courtesy of our friends from Warner Bros. and the good folks from SM Cinema’s IMAX.

So, Perseus and some of the Greek gods from “Clash of the Titans” have returned for a second serving and this time they focus on an even bigger threat, an actual titan.

The movie retains all the classic element of the previous movie including the gorgeous visuals. The story structure is pretty interesting because it merges the classic elements together with some new ones. In this new movie, Perseus is once again the reluctant hero but while the first movie showed his reluctance due to his heritage, there’s a new twist in the movie. You see, just like Superman in “Superman Returns” Perseus is now a daddy.

And whether we like it or not, we never even get to see Perseus’ wife Io (who was resurrected at the end of “Clash”).

In my opinion, there are three core themes that are played out in this movie. The first is about the bond between fathers and their children. The second is about man overcoming difficulties and thus becoming their own gods and finally, there are overtones about old religious beliefs and how new world outlooks greatly change everything.Well my little head would most definitely want to discuss this piece by piece but you certainly do not want to get a lecture from a geek about metaphysical and philosophical beliefs so lets just make it livelier.

Just like in “Clash” the movie will work extremely well if you watch it on an IMAX theater. The movie is so grand and so epic that you’ll really need a bigger screen just to be able to see things clearly. The 3D effects for the movie are top-notch if I can say so myself. From stone walls moving with the speed of light to flames coming out of a chimera everything looks gorgeous in the IMAX version.

The money shot for the IMAX shot however (and if you must know) has got to be the grand finale wherein Perseus riding his fateful steed Pegasus tries to spear his grandfather Kronos in the jugular.  I tell you folks, those scenes will make you heave.

Another great thing about this movie is the addition of former Bond girl Rosamund Pike…

She looks pretty and can also act (at least to a certain extent). I can certainly tell you that she’s no damsel in distress in this new movie that’s for sure.

Compared to the first movie, I actually liked this movie. Its funny in all the right places plus it’s also got heart and it also teaches a very important lesson. Actually, it teaches two important lessons that might just be the cathartic effect that you’ll need in your life.

What those lessons are are pretty obvious if you see the movie so you better get your bronze sword out and and start hiking like a Spartan towards the nearest cinema.

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