Posted May 24, 2012 by Earl Maghirang in Movies/TV

Are We Going to See A Live-Action Shadow of the Colossus Movie?

The better question is whether or not we should watch another video game movie adaptation. Especially a movie about a boy riding around the continent in search of “COLOSI” to kill.

So if you haven’t heard the latest rumor from Screenrant here goes:

Apparently “Chronicle” director Josh Trank is currently in line for developing a movie based on this epic video game from Sony.

So there, aside from being attached to the Fantastic Four reboot and a spin-off of sorts in Venom, Trank will have his hands full with this other project. Problem is this game wasn’t driven by characterization (something that Trank has shown strength in). The game is actually strong when it comes to the action/adventure element. Heck there’s only three main characters in this game (one of which is a horse named Agro).

I believe that amongst all the stupid crappy video game adaptations that we’ve seen over the years, this movie-in-development has the potential to wow audiences and introduce this years old game to a younger market.

Why you may ask?

Well there’s a fantasy twist and a love story angle in this story/ game. Something that most movies lack these days. The presence of gigantic monsters to slay will also do good…

… especially in this day and age when visuals sell a lot of tickets in cinemas.

There’s also the gigantic final boss from the game that I’m hoping would make its way into this supposed live-action movie:

And yes I think that Sam Worthington (who played Perseus in Clash of the Titans and Wrath of the Titans) is not a good fit. They would really need somebody younger to play the role of protagonist Wander.

Earl Maghirang