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Fresh Out the Box: FlipGeeks’ Favorite ALL THAT Cast Members

This is just an introduction before we blow your mind.

25 years ago today, All That first hit the airwaves and entertained audiences of all ages. With its memorable characters and slew of musical guests, Nickelodeon‘s staple sketch comedy show captured the hearts of every ’90s kid.

In honor of All That‘s 25th anniversary and with the show making its return after a 14-year absence, let’s take a look at some of the many cast members who made a lasting impact on the show. As much as we wanted to include everybody because each cast member brought something to the table, we decided to limit the list to 12.

That being said, get ready, get set, because these are our favorite cast members from All That!

Lori Beth Denberg (Seasons 1-4)
Lori Beth Denberg

No episode of All That is complete without a dose of Vital Information for your everyday life. And no All That cast member could deliver nonsensical facts on a regular basis like Lori Beth. Apart from this, she was well-known for her characters such as Miss Fingerly and the Loud Librarian, as well as her on-off relationship with the Big Ear of Corn.

After leaving All That, Lori Beth became a mainstay on The Steve Harvey Show and has made appearances on various films and TV shows, most notably Malcolm in the Middle, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, and Workaholics. Aside from acting, Lori Beth is also an ordained minister and has been officiating weddings since 2012.

Kel Mitchell (Seasons 1-5)
Kel Mitchell

Before he was known for his love of orange soda, Kel was best known for characters such as Coach Kreeton, Repair Man, and (of course) Ed from Good Burger. Aside from this, he was also able to showcase his rapping skills as a musical “guest” alongside Aftermath (later known as The M.A.F.T.). Thanks to All That and his onscreen chemistry with castmate Kenan Thompson, Kel starred in an equally popular Nickelodeon sitcom known simply as Kenan & Kel.

Kel was also one of the first cast members to branch out into movies, having been cast as Invisible Boy in Mystery Men alongside Ben Stiller and Geoffrey Rush during the fifth season of All That. Some of his other notable post-All That roles include T-Bone in Clifford the Big Red Dog, Dutch in Motorcity, and Double G in Game Shakers. And in recent news, it was also announced that Kel will be an executive producer for the new All That, reuniting him with Kenan.

Josh Server (Seasons 1-6)
Josh Server

Josh was the show’s longest-serving (no pun intended) cast member, having stayed throughout the entirety of All That‘s original run. Josh is perhaps best known for his time as Detective Dan, Bernie Kibbutz, and Walter the Earboy, among other roles.

After All That, Josh went on to host Oh Yeah! Cartoons for its final season and appeared in bit roles on shows such as 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd, Drake & Josh, and Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. Outside of Nickelodeon, Josh has also appeared as Ralph in the Amazon Original series Good Girls Revolt.

Kenan Thompson (Seasons 1-5)

The stars seemed to have aligned for Kenan, even at the start of his career. Just weeks before debuting as one of the show’s original cast members, he was on the big screen as Russ Tyler in D2: The Mighty Ducks. During his tenure on the show, Kenan brought to life memorable characters such as Ishboo, Principal Pimpell, Lester Oaks: Construction Worker, and Superdude. His popularity with Nick fans led to a lead role in Kenan & Kel alongside Kel Mitchell and a hosting gig for the first two seasons of Oh Yeah! Cartoons. After his stint in Nickelodeon, Kenan appeared in movies such as Barbershop 2: Back in Business, Snakes on a Plane, and the live-action adaptation of Fat Albert, wherein he played the title character.

Nowadays, Kenan can be regularly seen on Saturday Night Live, which he has called home since 2003. Now on his 16th season, Kenan holds the record for longest-tenured cast member, surpassing former cast member and current announcer Darrell Hammond’s record of 14. Apart from this, Kenan will be joining the new All That as an executive producer alongside Kel Mitchell.

Amanda Bynes (Seasons 3-6)
Amanda Bynes

Amanda was the first cast member to join the show after Nickelodeon moved from Orlando to Los Angeles. She immediately made an impact on the show upon her arrival, most notably as Ashley (Thaaaaaat’s me!). Other notable characters include Gina from Whateverrr! and Captain Tantrum in the Star Trek parody, U.S.S. Spaceship.

Her popularity on All That led to the creation of a little spin-off called The Amanda Show, which also introduced viewers to another dynamic duo in Drake Bell and Josh Peck. One of the few cast members to skyrocket into superstardom, Amanda would be known for her roles in films such as Big Fat Liar and Hairspray, as well as the sitcom What I Like about You opposite Beverly Hills 90210 alum Jennie Garth.

Unfortunately, battles with depression and drug addiction led to her indefinite hiatus from showbiz and subsequent mental breakdown over Twitter. However, Amanda has remained sober for the last four years and is currently laser-focused on earning her Bachelor’s degree at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, as well as making a comeback in film roles.

Danny Tamberelli (Seasons 4-6)
Danny Tamberelli

Prior to appearing on All That, Danny was known as Little Pete Wrigley in The Adventures of Pete & Pete and the voice of Arnold in The Magic School Bus. Upon joining the show, he brought to life characters such as Janitor Gaseous, Francis the Caveman, and Jack Campbell: Fat Cop. Danny would also take over Vital Information after Lori Beth’s departure, carrying on until the show’s first cancellation.

Nowadays, Danny has mostly focused on his music, serving as the bassist / vocalist for his New Jersey-based rock band Jounce. Apart from this, some of his most recent works include The Adventures of Danny and Mike, a podcast he hosts alongside former Pete & Pete co-star Michael Maronna, and Grand Theft Auto V where he was the voice and model for Jimmy De Santa.

Nick Cannon (Seasons 5-6)
Nick Cannon

Believe it or not, Nick had been on All That long before he was officially considered a cast member. Before stepping in front of the camera, he was brought in as a writer and the audience warm up at tapings, which led to writing for Kenan & Kel and Cousin Skeeter. Once he joined the cast, he would be known for portraying characters such as the no-nonsense LaTanya and the always-moist Sweaty Spice.

Since the end of All That‘s first run, Nick would become well-known for his role as Devin Miles in the film Drumline, his MTV improv show Wild ‘N Out, his eight-year stint as the presenter of America’s Got Talent, and his rap career. Even with all of these, he continues to maintain ties with Nickelodeon as the Chairman of TeenNick.

Gabriel Iglesias (Season 6)
Gabriel Iglesias

Before Fluffy became a household name in stand-up comedy, Gabriel was the last cast member to be brought in during All That’s first run as a way for showrunners to try filling the void left by Kenan and Kel. His tenure on the show would be short-lived, as All That was put on hiatus and subsequently cancelled for the first time shortly after Season 6. On the show, Gabriel would be best known for his portrayal of Benji Martin (Ricky’s brother) and Bill Clinton.

While most of his onscreen appearances are through his stand-up specials, Gabriel has also popped up onscreen in Magic Mike and Narcos. Apart from these, he’s also done voice work for The Emperor’s New School, Planes, Coco, and Ferdinand, among other animated features.

Jack DeSena (Seasons 7-10)

Jack DeSena

Jack was one of the show’s stalwarts during the Relaunch Era. In fact, he is one of only two male cast members to stay throughout All That’s second run. Some of his most notable characters on the show include Randy Quench, Clem Rougeneck, and Percy Flavin.

Once his time with All That ended, Jack would successfully transition to voice acting. His portrayal of Sokka on Avatar: The Last Airbender is arguably his best-known role to date. Currently, he stars as Callum on the Netflix animated series The Dragon Prince. Aside from voice acting, Jack continues to produce sketches alongside fellow comedian Chris Smith through their Chris and Jack YouTube channel.

Lisa Foiles (Seasons 7-10)
Lisa Foiles

Out of every cast member in All That’s Relaunch Era, Lisa is perhaps the MVP. With a bubbly and energetic personality to go along with her versatility, she is best known for characters such as the creepy teen goth Claudia, Harry Bladder’s friend Herhiney, Kaffy from Sugar and Coffee, and the Vital Information-esque sketch Vocabulary with Lisa (and Her Little Friend Oswald).

After All That, Lisa has gone on to pursue multiple projects. Aside from hosting UFC Minute, she is best known as the voice of I.R.I.S. in the game LocoCycle and as Jocelyn the Intern in The Desk of DEATH BATTLE. She also maintains a YouTube channel, where she uploads vlogs, sketches, and other geeky content.

Kyle Sullivan (Seasons 7-10)
Kyle Sullivan

Kyle had already been on TV way before he ever joined the cast of All That, having appeared in shows such as Malcolm in the Middle and movies such as Tuesdays with Morrie and Max Keeble’s Big Move.

The other male cast member to stick around throughout the entire Relaunch Era, Kyle brought to life characters such as boy wizard Harry Bladder and amusement park intern Ernie. While serving as an All That cast member, he was also on the Disney animated series Fillmore! as Safety Patroller Danny O’Farrell.

After All That, Kyle starred as Larry Gold in the Michael Rapaport-led sitcom The War at Home (which also featured a young Rami Malek as his best friend Kenny). Kyle has since retired from acting and is currently serving as a partner for Rainfall, a New York-based venture capital fund.

Jamie Lynn Spears (Seasons 8-9)

Jamie Lynn Spears

Joining the cast of All That in Season 8, Jamie was out to prove that she was more than just Britney’s little sister. Perhaps her best-known characters on the show are the bacon-loving Thelma Stump, the “oldest bodyguard in the business” and the undead Zoe in The Unreal World.

And much like All That alum Amanda Bynes, Jamie’s popularity on the show led to her own sitcom titled Zoey 101, which lasted for four seasons. Since then, she has scaled back from acting to focus on motherhood and her country music career.

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