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The Day of the … Dalekor?! A Japanese DOCTOR WHO Parody Hits Online!

A few weeks ago, YouTube user lepoissonruige posted a video that contained a modest description: “Found a clip on old video tape. 1970’s? 80’s? … like a Japanese version Doctor Who. Anyone?” Check out the almost 3-minute video below and find out what you think:

As a recent Whovian, I’m not exactly sure if the world’s longest running science-fiction TV series has a following in Japan, but I honestly enjoyed the campiness of it all. From the slightly fuzzy feel of the video (to give it that ‘70s action-movie feel), to the clothes (WHITE bell-bottom pants) and costumes to the ridiculously cheesy special effects, it feels like an homage to the tokusatsu or Super Sentai shows of that decade. I don’t know about some of the other FlipGeeks readers but this makes me very nostalgic for Bioman, Shaider, and even (gasp!) Goranger and J.A.K.Q.!

This is not an upside-down garbage bin with vinyl-pants-covered legs, kiddies. This is a Dalekor!

This is not an upside-down garbage bin with vinyl-pants-covered legs, kiddies. This is a Dalekor!

And it laughs like Santa Claus – even when it’s not Christmas.

Meet the Dalekor’s minions , the Cyber! Uh, yeah – just Cyber …

“Time for an all-white, completely unnecessary costume change!”

Agent X-44 gives the suit a nod of approval … 

White Suit = Martial Arts Master

But Dalekor begs to disagree …

Why have a sonic screwdriver when you can have a Sonic Screw SWORD?

Apparently, Dalekor is allergic to swords …

Needless to say, Doctor Who (but isn’t he just often called “The Doctor”?) saves the day. And the video ends there …

But hopefully, more of these mysterious videos will pop up soon and we may get to see The Doctor piloting a giant robot. In the meantime …

“Hello, Doctor! This is Tony Falcon, Agent X-44 – would you like to replace Da King?”

It turned out the person responsible for this crazy-retro piece of brilliance is British filmmaker Joshua Kahan! Cheers and banzai to you, sir!  Here’s the fully credited version of the video above:


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