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AKB48 Soon To Have Manila-Based Sister Group


After the successful debuts of AKB48‘s sister groups such as SKE48, JKT 48, SNH 48 and NMB48, Yasushi Akimoto, AKB48‘s general manager, announced that he plans to start a set of new sister groups in Okinawa, Japan and Manila, Philippines.

During the November 24 broadcast of AKB Radio at Bay FM, Akimoto-san (or Aki-P to the fans) dished out his plans that he wanted to start a group not only in Philippines and in Okinawa, but also in Taipei, Taiwan and Hokkaido. If this plan pursues, AKB48’s Manila sister group will be the third international sister group, with JKT 48 that is based on Jakarta, Indonesia and SNH48 in Shanghai, China. He also announced in the radio program that he plans to start the Hokkaido group anytime of June 2014.

AKB48 is famous of their songs, Sugar Rush (Wreck-It-Ralph), Heavy Rotation, Koi Suru Fortune Cookie and UZA. They are one of the highest-earning and performing stars in Japan, ranging from modelling, commercial shows and even in acting and voice dubbing. The group garnered a Guinness World record for the most pop singers in a video game. AKB48’s voices were also feature in a lot of anime songs like Dragon Ball Z Kai, Deltora Quest TV Series and their very own anime series, AKB0048.


Credits to Yahoo! Japan.

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