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5 Awesome Things That Happened So Far in Justice League: No Justice

DC Comics’ latest event is off to a great start. Justice League: No Justice has been spectacular and there’s no sign of slowing down the triumvirate of talented writers in bringing back Justice League as the premier book for DC. After the first half of No Justice, here’s a quick rundown of five awesome things that happened in the series. To give as a warning, this post contains SPOILERS, so if you haven’t read Justice League: No Justice yet, please do so first then return to this page.

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#1 – The Green Lantern Corps blames the Justice League for breaking the source wall

Following the events of DC Dark Nights Metal, the Justice League, together with Hal Jordan, broke the source wall as a consequence of tapping into the unexplained powers of the 10th metal. At the beginning of Justice League: No Justice, the guardians have called every ring slinger to inspect the source wall. Jordan was of no exception. Hence, upon reaching the source wall, John Stewart and Guy Gardner blames him and the Justice League for the “crack” on the source wall. It may not be much, but it is interesting to note that expatriation of Jordan from the lanterns have never been more evident. If that wasn’t enough, the entire corp. blames the League for the inevitable Armageddon.

#2 – Heroes and villains unite to save the universe

There are quite a few instances when DC heroes and villains unite for a single cause. This time, Brainiac abducts the heroes from Earth and forces them to team up with villains to save his planet Colu from the invasion of the Omega Titans. Besides, Justice League: No Justice feels like heroes and villains embark on an adventure together. The banter between heroes and villains is also a plus. It is striking to read how the values of these heroes and the pride of these villains bode well together in the story.

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#3 – Death of Brainiac

The shocking turn of events at the end of Justice League: No Justice #1 is surprisingly awesome. Brainiac was killed after Protocol XI hacked into his brain under the orders of Amanda Waller. His death was not only shocking but it also made the League’s task more daunting than ever.

#4 – Amanda Waller being blamed

After successfully infiltrating Brainiac’s brain and subsequently killing him, Waller took it upon herself to remove the seeds to attract the Omega Titans that Brainiac planted on Earth. In doing so, she encountered Green Arrow who blames her for the death of Brainiac and the inevitable failure of the League.

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#5 -Return of Vril Dox II (Brainiac 2.0)

More shocking than the death of Brainiac, Snyder and the gang brought back Vril Dox II (Brainiac 2), the founder of L.E.G.I.O.N. The interstellar group of heroes has been rumored to return in the pages of DC Comics after their prolonged absence since the launch of DC New 52. Vril Dox II, a terrorist turned messianic hero of his planet Colu, he can play an important role in No Justice. The coolest thing about the insertion of his character in the story is that he can either be the “Judas” villain in the story or the hero Colu deserves. Either way, it is awesome to see a returning character which the New 52 forgot.

There are more awesome developments that happened in the first half of Justice League: No Justice. With Scott Snyder at the helm of the book, expect more shocking developments in the final half of No Justice.

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