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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Deadly Class #1 – A Unique Class Of Its Own

Writer: Rick Remender
Pencils/Ink: Wes Craig
Colors: Lee Loughridge

We have seen various stories involving schools for gifted youngsters, unassuming lads being brought into larger than life paths, and tales depicting diff. ranges of violence.

Image Comics’ Deadly Class on the other hand, attempts to set itself different by bringing us a unique take on what it’s like to live during the 80s, while mixing shards of in your face violence and heavy prose.

Written by Rick Remender and penciled by Wes Craig, the story centers on Marcus, a brash teenager who became disillusioned following the untimely death of his parents at the hands of a suicidal mental patient. Having lived on the streets as a beggar for years, he finds life apathetic and mundane – that is, until he meets Saya. A strange chain of events soon brings him to a whole new world, which ends in him being offered to become a student in a school molding teens to become future killers.

So much anticipation has been given for this new series, but has it paid the hype back in full?

My answer, is a big yes.

Remender’s rendition of the 80’s environment is a scary one to say the least. Poverty and depravity is visible, violence is rampant and hopelessness can be felt on the streets. His usage of heavy prose and references on the state of the world during that era complements perfectly to the world he’s trying to show us. Combined by Craig’s flair for manga-esque art style and Loughridge’s minimalistic color approach creates a product that’s set to stand on its own.

Another thing that’s worthy of praise are the leads. Marcus may not be your typical protagonist, given his cynical perspective of the world around him, but it feels like there’s something more than beyond the angsty teen he seems to be. The female lead Saya also shines on her own through her beautifully drawn action sequences. We can pretty much assume that she’s bound to be a fan favorite.

While not established per se, we can assure ourselves that we’ll know more about Deadly Class in the next issues, provided the fact that it centers on a school of budding assassins. It shows promise and a refreshing take on the 80’s era rarely seen in other works. Image has definitely scored a budding hit with this one.


We would like to thank Comics Odyssey The Fort for this copy. They can be found at the fourth floor of Fully Booked near Bonifacio High Street, BGC.

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