Posted January 19, 2014 by Mikael Angelo Francisco in Comics

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Marvel Knights Spider-Man #4 is fit enough to survive

Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist/Cover: Marco Rudy

There’s finally an end in sight for Peter Parker’s latest (and trippiest) adventure, as the fourth issue of Marvel Knights Spider-Man reveals the mastermind behind our hero’s perplexing predicament.

The biggest draw of the newest incarnation of Marvel Knights Spider-Man remains the unique and visually compelling art style. Marco Rudy combines an impressive eye for detail with unconventional paneling and jagged layouts, and it works wonders for an otherwise bland plot. Had this book been rendered in the traditional comic-booky style, it would probably be nothing more than a forgettable entry in the seemingly endless list of Spider-Man limited series. As it is, however, the title reads like a drug-induced fever dream, pushing our hero to his limits by taking him through one mind-bending situation after another. Rudy’s designs for the villains are also interesting, particularly his Scorpion’s cobbled-together look.

Admittedly, the book’s a little hard to follow. I had to read through it twice before I could fully understand everything going on in the book, partly because of the art style. The strangeness of the art, however, presents more pros than cons for this title.

Continuity buffs need not worry, too – there are way too many departures from regular continuity to even wonder about where this piece belongs in Spidey’s overall timeline. From minor conflicts with established Spidey lore to the utterly surreal tone of this book, it’s probably best to read this as a standalone Spidey adventure, written for fans who appreciate nods of acknowledgement to various points in Spidey’s 51-year crimefighting career.

The issue ends with a rather interesting cliffhanger – I’m looking forward to the resolution, partly because I want to see if there’s a perfectly normal ending waiting for poor Spidey next issue. After all, the dude has been drugged, violently thrown off a plane, blasted out of a submarine, and hunted in the jungle, among other things, all over the course of four issues.


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Mikael Angelo Francisco