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Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Art: Jacob Wyatt
Cover: Jamie McKelvie
Publisher: Marvel Comics
We follow Kamala Khan’s newbie superhero adventures all the way to Ms. Marvel #6! Although there are only just six issues so far, this title has been a huge hit to readers of all backgrounds. In this issue, Kamala unexpectedly teams up with X-man and Avenger extraordinaire, Wolverine. We see her fangirl a bit (who wouldn’t? Fantasy Hero Team-Up!), channel her inner Doge and combine forces with Wolverine to beat an abnormally large sewer croc (way cool, if you ask me). A little more is revealed about the origins of the odd avian, Inventor, and his dastardly plans to spread chaos starting with his sewer hench-crocs. Kamala also had a little talk with the Sheikh (that’s surprisingly not about boys and Satan!) and honestly made me wonder how everyone will come in to terms with her….”helping people”.
As always, G. Willow Wilson delivered a fun and hilarious story without forgetting about the main plot. The Doge meme usage was the one that really got me. I mean, I think the meme is already outdated but it sounded really adorable and funny when Kamala showed her inner Doge. The comic also always has this relatable feeling to it despite the readers not entirely teenage Pakistani girls–the situations she’s been put in somehow reflect something that happened in everyone’s life (both weird and kind of brilliant). Ever endearing and witty, Kamala just makes you wanna read more about her and her balancing act with superhero-ing and being a teenage girl (which is not easy as it seems, believe me). I would also like to applaud how Wolverine was written here, I mean, I’m not a fan of the character but he is very likable here and their team dynamic work really well. I hope the two of them do well on the boss fight level.
Jacob Wyatt is new to the Ms. Marvel team but his art definitely delivers. Admittedly, I’m more used to Alphona’s art and how the characters were portrayed with such quirkiness but Wyatt’s still captures the characters in his own style. Kamala’s fangirl moments was especially adorably portrayed in his art style.

Overall, Ms. Marvel #6 is certainly and undoubtedly a good issue (or title–seriously, just read everything) with the right amount of funnies and plot (and Wolverine) that is definitely worth picking up!

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