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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Nightwing #14

Writer: Tom DeFalco
Artist: Andres Guinaldo

The former Boy Wonder faces off against the assassin who kicked his ass when he was Robin in this week’s issue of Nightwing. Dick races against time as he tries to figure out the identity of – and save – Lady Shiva’s next target, and inevitably ends up being on the receiving end of her kicks, punches, and ridiculously sharp objects that can kill people really really dead.

Tom DeFalco gives us an action-packed first encounter between Dick as Nightwing and Lady Shiva in the New 52 continuity. The battle is brutal and rather short, and while it ends in what can be considered as sort of a cop-out, it does present a conclusive result as to which of the two is the better fighter (spoiler: you won’t be surprised). The big reveal of the mastermind near the end is predictable and a bit of a letdown, but the actual ending serves as a nice bridge between this issue and next month’s Death of the Family tie-in. I’m familiar with DeFalco’s work on Spider-Girl, and I appreciate the fact that this comic book doesn’t feel dumbed down or tempered for a younger audience.

I’m not crazy about Andres Guinaldo’s pencils. His Nightwing looks odd at times, and the faces he draws don’t seem to be consistent. The man DOES know how to properly illustrate action sequences, though, and his art works well with DeFalco’s script. I just wish he could make Nightwing look as powerful and sharp as he does on the cover of the book (drawn by Eddy Barrows).

Month after month, Nightwing remains consistent in quality; while it’s not exactly top-seller material, it features a solid, coherent story and an engaging protagonist, who is arguably the most sociable and well-adjusted male member of the Bat-family. It’s one of the last New 52 titles you could ever expect to get canceled.  I’m looking forward to things going bad real fast in the next issue, as I’m pretty sure that the Crown Prince of Crime has quite a few bones to pick with Batman’s former protégé.

VERDICT: 3.5/5

I wouldn’t call it spectacular, but if you’re a fan of the character, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. It’s a nice appetizer before the Joker pops up in Dick’s book.

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Mikael Angelo Francisco