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ELBIKON 2017, the premier comic book convention outside Metro Manila this February!

Since the resurgence of the Philippine comics industry, or komiks, through the rise of various indie works and publications, comic book conventions across the country have been established to acclaim the artists who have upheld the medium. As the premier convention in Southern Tagalog, Elbikon continues this tradition by showcasing the region’s best.

The (GLG) or Graphic Literature Guild’s Elbikon 2017, with the theme The New Age of Komiks, is the fourth installment of the event that has united comics fans and art lovers across the region.

Elbikon 2017

Last year, more than 60 independent local artists and established comic icons have graced ELBIKON 2016. Some of them were Libreng Komiks, Gatusby, and Tepai Pascual. Now on its fourth convention, GLG brings you a bigger and grander Elbikon as it has invited over a hundred artists and organizations, including Manix Abrera, Jesie Castro, Lyndon Gregorio, Toto Madayag, and Rombutan who will be present to exhibit their work.

Artist Talk will feature promising artists including Asshulz, Norby Ela of FlipGeeks, Rafael Gumboc, Kevin Ray Valentino, Enzo Vega, and Hulyen. Musical performances will also be conducted by UP Silakbo, Equals, Paincake Patrol, and Victor Khe. At the second floor, art workshops will be held by Jesie Castro of Overheard Comics, Toto Madayag and UP Painter’s Club to provide hands-on activities for art enthusiasts.

The organization’s Guild Master, Miko Menguito, notes that the convention is a ‘celebration of a shared way of life’, and that ‘there’s always more than what you’ve asked for’.

The event will be held at UPLB Baker Hall on 18 February 2017 (Saturday) from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

For tickets (30 pesos only), contact:
Wendy – 09273291132
Visit our official event page: bit.ly/ELBIKON2017.

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