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Flipgeeks: Tell me about Komikstrip. How did it begin?
Komikstrip: UP Bugkos, a UPLB based student organization, attended the San Pablo Comics Art Festival and decided that they also want one for UPLB. We partnered with them and thus KOMIKSTRIP was born, UPLB’s first comic book convention.

FG: Does Komikstrip have a vision and mission?
1. Stimulating commercial and creative activity for local comic books.
2. Creating awareness of the medium through workshops, activities, and events.
3. Providing a venue for various stakeholders in the comic community to get together, network, and find a bigger audience for their work.
4. Find and feature local talent.

FG: Who are in the Komikstrip team/commitee
KT: The KomiksTrip is an event presented by UP Bugkos and Jonas Diego in cooperation with the Graphic Literature Guild and the UP Painters Club.

FG: Did you learn anything from last year’s Komikstrip?
KT: Don’t cram.

FG: Who are your guests today?
KT: You can find them here: http://komikstrip.jonasdiego.com/guests.html

We update it regularly as soon as the guests we invite confirm their attendance.

FG: Are there any new activities and contests this year? What are they?


Digital Comic Production Workshops

The digital comic production workshop features a short course on the use of Adobe Photoshop in comic book production. Participants will be given an overview on the role of Photoshop in modern comic book production as well as an introduction to line work clean up, digital coloring, and lettering.

24-hour Comic Book Challenge Trading Card Edition

The 24-hour comic challenge tasks participants to create 24 pages of comics in 24 hours. We modified the challenge for the KOMIKSTRIP, however. Participants will tell a story in 24 pages revolving around a theme but using only trading card size boards. These stories will then be put on exhibit at the KOMIKSTRIP.


Comic Art Exhibit

The exhibit will be featuring original comic book artworks from the Philippine Online Comics Art Museum by Gerry Alanguilan as well as stunning new work from the current generation of comic book creators.


KOMIKSTRIP aims to invite two speakers for the 2011 convention. I can’t say yet who because I haven’t received any formal confirmation just yet.

Kosplay Parade

The Kosplay Parade aims to bring more awareness about our own local comic characters by having cosplayers do a parade around UPLB attired as different original Filipino comic book characters.

Pintados: Comic Book Making Body Painting Contest

The Pintados: Comic Book Making Body Painting Contest brings comic book appreciation to new heights by creating comic books on the greatest canvas of all, the human body.

Motion Comics Exhibit

Motion comics are a new way to bring attention to comic books. They are moving versions of the comic books using very simple motion with modern film making editing and voice acting. The motion comic exhibition will feature short original comics stories.

FG: From 5 years from now, what will Komikstrip be?KS:
KT: Hopefully, bigger and better.

FG: Any final words?

KT: There is no spoon.

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