Posted October 15, 2013 by Tony Tuason in Comics

First Second Announces THE RISE OF AURORA WEST, from Paul Pope’s Battling Boy

Battling Boy, a new comic by Paul Pope has been receiving rave reviews. And if you want something more to rave about then this news is for you — First Second is coming up with a prequel called “The Rise Of Aurora West” , which explores the backstory of Battling Boy’s ally.

“As Battling Boy is the offspring of demi-godlike superheroes, Aurora is the offspring of a techno-champion, more in the vein of Doc Savage or Indiana Jones, if he were a costumed hero. Her series is about the battle with the monsters before Battling Boy arrives.”

In “The Rise of Aurora West”, Paul Pope will be joined by co-writer J.T. Petty and illustrator David Rubin. The book will be our in July 2014.

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