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Story & Art by
JD Songco
Cover by
JD Songco
Eyebro Studios
Cover Price
PhP 80
Date of Release
April 2016
Other details
40 pgs.
Every human being has this innate power, unique in everyone, residing within them that is not being utilized to its full potential.

Until suddenly, humans with the ability to use this power enabling some to have enormous strength, supersonic speed or ESP but this is just to name a few. They do so by transmitting this power through a path of least resistance (POLR) within their bodies thus being able to bring out the power ALMOST up to its maximum capacity. Unfortunately, only 1 in a hundred human beings is a POLR user.

The Majority of the human race is not happy having POLR users among them. Thus, conflict between the two emerges pushing those with this special ability into fighting or hiding.

There is a theory that there may be one with the ability to fully utilize his innate power. Not by a path of least resistance but by a PATH OF ZERO RESISTANCE (POZR).

ED HATCHES on his way home, found a girl in distress being mugged by two guys. He quickly took action to save this girl but this results in him getting shot. As he felt the whole world falling apart before his eyes, he had a glimpse of his past. A younger version of him with a family, living peacefully in a house by a river. When he wakes up he finds himself in his room with a girl sitting beside him, but then a familiar face shows up, it made ed remember parts of what happened the night when he was shot. When Ed had settled down the girl told him about what happened. Apparently, ed turned into a monster capable of destroying everything on sight. It was a full release of power. Until when he was about to kill one of the muggers who was desperately trying to escape he was put to sleep. All became clear to ed as the girl tells the story. He realized he is not NORMAL. It was not just a theory. There EXISTS a person who is able to use the full potential of his innate power. Through a path of ZERO resistance. and that person is ED HATCHES.


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