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LET’S TALK KOMIKS: Koi Carreon and his new adventures with Marvel Comics

On this Let’s Talk Komiks, we had a chance to have a conversation with Koi Carreon (Mythspace) about getting a cover work for the February 2016-solicited Weirdworld #3 from Marvel Comics. MARVEL COMICS! And also we got to talk about his future comic book work locally and internationally.

This is Let’s Talk Komiks.

WEIRDWORLD #3 Variant cover by Koi Carreon Grab a copy this coming February 2016!

WEIRDWORLD #3 Variant cover by Koi Carreon
Grab a copy this coming February 2016!

FLIPGEEKS: First of all, Flipgeeks would like to congratulate you for you getting a chance to work for Marvel Comics. How did it all happen?
KOI CARREON: Thank you! There was a portfolio review last AsiaPop Comic Convention for Marvel and DC. I wasn’t really thinking of submitting my portfolio but my girlfriend, Rian (Mae Gonzales) insisted that we should submit something just to see if we could get a call. And I agreed and thought that I could use some pointers on where to improve if ever I’d get my portfolio reviewed. So we submitted, we both got a call that C.B. Cebulski wanted to review our portfolio. I sat with him on the day of the review and he liked my works and told me to get in touch after the event. I submitted another batch of works so he could see some more works and next thing I know an editor wanted me to draw a variant for them. It happened really so fast and I still can’t believe it. I was even hesitant to tell it to close friends because I still can’t believe it. hahaha.

Is this a one-and-done project or are we going to see more of your work in Marvel?
Hopefully more. I don’t know if I should say it. People I asked for advice usually tell me to keep my mouth shut and don’t post anything until its actually out. I’m still submitting samples and the editors say they like what I’m doing for them.

Yeah,  I think I just got really lucky, hahaha.

How did your family, Rian and your friends react with this news?
Rian was really excited about it. I think even more than me. I just got nervous that I might not do well, hahaha. My parents, they were happy. I didn’t tell them until I had the contract so that there’s proof because my sister won’t believe me if there’s no proof. I actually didn’t tell my friends about it. They only found out when we ate dinner after Komikon and they were asking about it. I really didn’t tell anyone other than Rian and my family and a couple of friends because even with the contract and all I was just really scared that it might get jinxed or something.

What comic book title would you like your next cover work be? Anything you like in particular?
Oh, man. Hahaha. This is hard because I doubt that they’ll let me work on the titles that I like, hahaha! If ever, hopefully I’d like to do a cover for (Amazing) Spider-Man, Nova, Avengers, Iron Man, and I really, really would like to have a Ms Marvel cover someday. But I’m happy whatever title they would give me right now.

Mythspace, Vol. 1 by Paolo Chikiamco and Koi Carreon

Mythspace, Vol. 1 by Paolo Chikiamco and Koi Carreon

How will this affect your comic book work locally?
It’s in my hopes that it would somehow boost the sales of Mythspace, hahahaha! I’m still doing Mythspace, it might have gotten really slow but I’m still doing it. Paolo Chikiamco already gave me the script months ago and I really liked it. I like his plans for the next chapter of Bros and the gangs story. And I hope I could match that with really good art. It’s going to be a challenge. There’s going to be lots of actions and explosions.

Who are your art influences?
Locally, the guys at (Studio) Salimbal! Borg, Tina, John Amor, Butch Mapa, Cy, Jem. Everytime I see their pages, I study them, hahaha. I was even a bit jealous that I got nothing released last Komikon. Internationally, Moebius – that guy is God, Katsuhiro Otomo – another God, Bengal, Stuart Immonen, Mahmud Asrar, Jake Parker, Jake Wyatt, Kris Anka, Yusuke Murata and a lot more.

Biggest inspiration is Rian. Everytime I see her work in progress I’m always blown away.

Is there a new Marvel cover project that you are currently working on?
Yes! I just finished it. I don’t think I can say what title. Sorry I’m just really being careful. Hahaha. But If you bought Mythspace and read my dedication, you’d get what it is. Its kinda prophetic actually, hahaha.

Last question, Binigyan mo ba si CB Cebulski ng chickenjoy meal noong APCC?
Hindiiii! Bawal pagpasok ng food sa APCC! hahahaha! Yung boothmate namin nag-try magpasok ng food, hindi napayagan e pinakain sa kanya sa labas hahaha!

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