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LOKAL GRIND: ‘Windmills 4? & ‘Kubori Kikiam’

Today, let’s view on two well known talents in the ‘komiks community’ Josel Nicolas and Michael David.

Josel Nicolas released different version and studies for the cover of the next installment of his comic book – Windmills 4. He is still deciding which one should he choose.

Windmills 4 will be released in November.

I met Comic Book/Strip Creator, Michael David in the local comic shop that I always go to. We’re already acquainted since I’m part in the ‘komiks community’. I identify his work – Kubori Kikiam, a daily webcomic, full of clever, witty and funny toilet humor that would always entertains me and makes my stomach hurt due to excessive laughter.

He informed that his next compilation of Kubori Kikiam strips will be released in November.

Here’s a motion comic structured from some selected strips from Kubori Kikiam’s second volume: “BEST THINGS IN LIFE”.

Parental Guidance Suggested with Some violence, sex and dialogue and infrequent language

UPDATE: Windmills 4 is now available at Sputnik

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