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Omeng’s New YUPITANSAN Rockstar Series

Rommel ‘Omeng’ Estanislao, local comic book creator and clay sculptor, recently shared one of his newest projects for 2012, a new series of claywork – Yupitansan. Anyway, he also added a description of it.

My bottle cap clayworks or ‘Tansan’ pendants became such a hit for the past year.

I’ve always been motivated to create. I find joy in making art from found objects, and one of them are used bottle caps.

I call my bottle cap clayworks as “YUPITANSAN,” a word that I coined myself. It came from the words ‘YUPI’ (which means bent) and TANSAN (meaning tin / bottle caps / crown caps).

My very first Yupitansan series, which I call ‘Maligno sa Tansan’ pendants is inspired by my comic creation ‘Gatas ng Saging.’

These creatures are all products of my imagination.

Right now I’d like to explore more with my craft and so I thought of making another series close to my heart: MUSIC.


Omeng also mentioned that the Yupitansan Rocktar Series will contain well-known rock stars, such as Kurt Cobain, Eddie Veder, Alice Cooper, KISS band, Axl Rose. He added that he will also release a new comic book related to the product.

Yupitansan Rocktar Series
will be out this month of January.

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