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In a short period of time, Parker Industries has become one of America’s top research and development companies, and now Peter Parker is taking his company multinational! With new offices opening in the world’s great metropolises — London, San Francisco, Shanghai — Peter Parker travels the world to oversee his corporate empire, and in the course of his globetrotting travels a new chapter opens for his heroic alter-ego in Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli‘s Amazing Spider-Man #1!

As an Avenger, Peter Parker is no stranger to battling threats beyond his beloved New York City. Traveling to Parker Industries subsidiaries across the globe, Peter and his “bodyguard” Spider-Man uncover corporate plots that threaten the company and a new threat from long-time Avengers foe Zodiac! Facing enemies that can attack him in both his civilian and heroic guises, Peter will fight back to save his company and the world the only way he knows how — by being amazing!

Dan Slott continues his lauded Spider-Man run, joined by frequent collaborator Giuseppe Camuncoli, by taking Spider-Man in a bold new direction. In addition to the main story, the oversized Amazing Spider-Man #1 also features stories starring other characters in Spider-Man’s world, including Silk, Spider-Woman, and Spider-Man 2099. The perfect jumping-on point for readers new and old, Amazing Spider-Man #1 promises to take Spider-Man further than he’s ever been before and redefine Peter Parker as an influential figure in 21st-century technology!

In the aftermath of Secret Wars, Spider-Man becomes an international hero and Peter Parker a global industrial tycoon. Join Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli for the start of the globetrotting chapter of Peter Parker’s life in Amazing Spider-Man #1 this October!

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