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The Guardians of the Galaxy’s odd couple get their own limited series

Posted at Marvel, once THE THANOS IMPERATIVE reaches its terrifying conclusion, nobody knows what will remain of the Marvel cosmos-but at the very least, fans will get more of Rocket Raccoon and Groot!

The two Guardians of the Galaxy will receive their very own four-issue limited series, aptly titled ROCKET RACCOON & GROOT, beginning in January 2011. Writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning will continue to guide the adventures of your favorite cosmic duo, though they couldn’t say too much about the upcoming story for fear of revealing still-to-come revelations.

“What you have to remember about THE THANOS IMPERATIVE is that anything may happen,” reminds Abnett. “All bets are off. We warned readers that this was going to be the big one, and that no one and nothing was safe, and we meant it. If Thanos and/or the other big bads end up destroying the universe, then that’s just what will happen. Actually, we haven’t told the guys at Marvel that yet. Maybe we should have. If that’s what the story demands, then the Marvel Universe will end. We’re sure they’ll be fine with that. They’ll have to see it’s artistically necessary, right?”

“Anyway, there’s no guarantee that Rocky, Groot or any of the Guardians will survive IMPERATIVE,” adds Lanning. “We’re not going to spoil things by confirming they’re going to. In fact, they probably won’t. So this story might not be taking place after IMPERATIVE. But, at the same time, it’s not some inconsequential piece of out-of-continuity fluff. This story is locked into our cosmological continuity, rest assured.”

The writers have always had a soft spot for this particular, mismatched pair, which made it easy for them to imagine the heroes in their very own story.

“Well, it’s Rocket and Groot,” explains Abnett. “It’s a talking raccoon and a walking tree. They are friends. Things happen. Groot says, ‘I am Groot.’ Sorry, was it a trick question?”

The errant Guardians will have their work cut out for them though, as they come up against an enemy that only they can deal with.

“The menace is insane,” promises Lanning. “It’s absolutely core to the origins of both of [our heroes]. They need to draw upon both of their backgrounds in order to have a hope of defeating it. Or surviving. Or not going mad. Or all three. Or at least any two of the three above.”

When asked if fans can expect to see any other cosmic heroes in the course of the four-issue series, Abnett coyly told readers to “expect away. We can’t tell you what to do.”

Given that THANOS IMPERATIVE may destroy the Marvel cosmos as we know it, Abnett and Lanning hope that ROCKET RACCOON & GROOT will give readers a fitting farewell to two of their favorite heroes-or a daring glimpse into their uncharted futures.

“This is going to be a serious blast,” guarantees Lanning. “It is going to be funny, [as] any series spotlighting this pair is bound to be, but it’s not going to be the knockabout silliness you might expect. This is a serious cosmic action thriller with serious cosmic action thrills and serious gags. And a talking raccoon and a walking tree.”

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