Posted November 7, 2011 by Norby Ela in Comics

WANTED: Artist For New Superhero Comic Written By David Hontiveros

Duy Tano

Recently, our friendly Filipino blog writer of The Comics Cube, Duy Tano reports that he will host an artist audition for a new comic book written by David Hontiveros. As it said, Hontiveros has been well-known in his current comic, Bathala: Apokolypsis.

The artist would design and develop the characters and the universe of the story in question, and will therefore receive co-creator credit for the comic. Unfortunately, just due to the nature of the business, there is no pay upfront, but there’ll be a 50% split on royalties, so the Chosen One will get paid half of the profits when the book starts selling and earning money, whether it be in print or in an e-comic format. Due to the nature of this deal, entering artists can only submit individual entries; the only guy you’ll be collaborating with is David Hontiveros. Do not enter as a team. Also, this audition is only open to citizens of the Philippines.

Are you interested? Here are the details.

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