Posted May 20, 2013 by Elaine Cepeda in Anime/Manga

Manga Review: Another v.3-4

Title: Another
Author: Ayatsuji Yukito
Artist: Kiyohara Hiro
Genre/s: Supernatural, Horror, Mystery
Publisher: Kadokawa
Serialized in: Young Ace
Volume/s: 4

Kouichi and his friends find a cassette tape which is said to be recorded by a student from the previous class 3-3. It is said to contain the answer to stop the deaths altogether. The mysterious occurrences continue and it’s now reaching its peak!


Now, we’ve come down to the last two volume. Honestly, I’m not enthusiastic in continuing reading this series. But there is something about the loop-ends that I want to be answered. My little faith to this manga further thwarts me as I finally finished this series.

While volume 2 is a let-down, volume 3 is not any good either. The plot is still flat. The manga-ka tries to put some twist by giving a possible solution to the problem at hand. However, the attempt kind of fails as the messy explanations and dialogues confuses me more and more. I feel as if there is a lot going on but nonetheless, the story doesn’t move forward; yes even when the solution is presented.

Volume 4 started in the campsite where the whole class have gone to. It is said that when the previous class 3-3 prayed at Yomiyama mountain the curse ended. Obviously, that is what they are aiming this time around. On the other hand, Kouichi and the other guys found the tape which supposedly has the answer to the curse and listened to it. After that, everyone who have known about the existence of the tape seems to be cautious of anyone who appeared suspicious. Other than the ‘solution’, Mei’s past is disclosed. I understand that this revelation is important and loosely tied to the solution of the curse. At the same time, it makes this volume cluttered with all the secrets coming in to light.

What happened in the past chapters are needed to build up the plot. However, it takes it’s sweet time to catch up with the pace of the story which makes some parts/volumes flat and boring. The highlights of the story is focused on volumes 1 and 4 so why take 4 books to unfold the plot? It wouldn’t have been dragging if it’s only a two-volume manga. If the mangaka’s idea of building up the horror is continuous chapter of nothing but deaths, then it wasn’t successful. It is nothing but unnecessarily prolonging the plot. Throughout the series, the characters talk nothing but the curse. When they do talk of something else, it is rather funny and breaks the heavy atmosphere. Even so, the manga-ka kills it immediately so while you are still savoring the light, good moments, they have already back to serious talks (and faces).

Although I must admit that once or twice during the entire volume that I am surprised but that’s it. I’m not even impressed with the ending. I’m expecting a proper closure to the curse and not just some temporary solution. They might have ended the deaths but the next class 3-3’s will be force to face it again. More sufferings once more. This is the last blow in which I concluded that I’m disappointed with Another. It starts promisingly with a straight-forward title and 1st volume but it all goes down the drain when volume 2 comes in the picture. Volumes 3 and 4 picked up the pace a little but does not achieve the level of excitement in the 1st book. Despite not being entirely bad, it isn’t near good too. There isn’t much to lose if you pass this one.

Elaine Cepeda