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ANIME REVIEW: Gundam Build Fighters Try

GBF Try Gundam
GBF Try Gundam
GBF Try Gundam


Directed by: Shinya Watada
Written By: Yousuke Kuroda
4/ 5

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Easily enjoyable, Gundams and characters from past series can pop up anytime, Awesome Gundam action


Lack of heavy plot might not be welcomed by some

To sum it all up...

GBF Try is set seven years after the events of the first season. With the introduction of a new set of characters and new battle rules, expect another season filled with gundam action.

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Gundam Build Fighters Try is set seven years after the events of the first season. With the introduction of a new set of characters and new battle rules, expect another season filled with Gundam action. The series follows teammates Sekai Kamiki, Yuuma Kousaka, and Fumina Hoshino as the try to win in the Gunpla Battle World Championship as team “Try Fighters”.GBF_Try_poster

First off, GBF Try is not that heavy plot wise. There are  no wars waged by masked antagonists or new types living in space colonies. It’s just kids(and adults) playing with gunpla but on a whole other level. Unlike the other series, no one actually dies here so you can just enjoy it without suffering from sudden feels from losing your favorite character.

The art is still the same from season 1 since Kenichi Ohnuki and Suzuhito Yasuda are still the ones who provided the character designs. I must say that the animation and art here is much favorable for a mecha series than what G Reco has. The fight scenes are also very entertaining and it makes up for the not so heavy plot. Seeing your favorite Gundams battle it out in familiar environments is really something that you can look forward to every week. With the latest change that the matches now should be fought by two teams containing three members each, we can now expect more Gundam action than before.

Characters from the first season and past Gundam series still have a cameo every now and then especially Mr. Ral who serves as the coach for our protagonists. Another thing that makes the GBF series stand out is that it brings together all the Gundams from the older series. In addition to that, you might also see an upgraded version of your favorite Gundam.

With an enjoyable atmosphere and amazing battle scenes, Gundam Build Fighters Try is a must watch for all the Gundam fans out there even if you’re just a fan of the anime or the mobile kits.

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