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Upcoming Anime Titles You Might Want to Check for 2012

Here’s a list of new anime series that will be premiering in Japan soon including a new Aquarion series and several action series.

Aquarion Evol

Summary: Joining the Aquarion franchise is Aquarion Evol, a sequel to the Aquarion TV series that takes place 12,000 years later in a futuristic Hong Kong. New characters and a new Aquarion mecha will have to take on enemies from another dimension.

Chief Director: Shoji Kawamori (original creator for Macross Plus, The Vision of Escaflowne; mechanical design for Macross, Outlaw Star, Ghost in the Shell)

High School DxD


Issei Hyodo is sophomore at Komaou Private Academy, a high school with primarily women. His goal in attending this school is one thing and one thing only: to build himself a personal harem at the school! But the women all call him a pervert and his goal of making a harem is nothing but a grand dream now…

However! Luck strikes and Issei gets his first girlfriend, and goes on his first date! That evening at the academy she slowly leans in… Could she be going for a kiss? Maybe more…? As his erotic delusions heat up, she smiles and speaks… “Would you mind dying for me?”

Suddenly, he’s murdered by the very first girlfriend of his life! Why!? Or so he thought, but then he woke up in his own bed. Moreover, right next to him, the crimson haired beauty Rias Gremory, his senior at the academy, was lying next to him, completely naked (huge boobs and all)!

“Wasn’t I just killed? Why is Rias-sempai here? Why is she naked? Wait, I can totally see her boobs!”

“If you want to look at them, go ahead.”

……wait, for real?

Issei finally gets an explanation from Rias: Devils exist in this world. Rias herself is a devil, and in order to revive Issei she brought him back as one too. Furthermore, in exchange for that, he now has to obey Rias for all eternity as her devil manservant. Issei is confused by this shocking truth and absurd turn of events. I’m a devil and a servant? Rias-sempai‘s servant? Which means I might be able to grope her boobs?

With his natural ero-power and positive thinking, Issei accepts his new life as Rias’s devil servant. And so the curtain opens on Issei’s new academy life as a devil and a servant! And yes, so he can one day make a harem of boobs!

Senhime Zessh? Symphogear

Created by video game producer Akifumi Kaneko and Elements Garden composer Noriyasu Agematsu, this new series follows two girls in a musical group named Zweiwing. Together, they must protect Earth against a threat known as “Noise” by donning weapons called Symphogear.

Brave 10

The chaos of the Warring States! Lightning-fast ninja action! It’s time to show you! The strongest, bravest warriors are gathered here!

The Warring States Era, one year prior to the Battle of Sekigahara. The young and directionless Iga Ninja, Kirigakure Saizo, comes across Isa Nami, a Miko who escaped from Izumo and was being attacked by assassins. Isa Nami was on her way to Shinshu to seek aid from Sanada Yukimura after the Izumo Grand Shrine was burned to the ground by assailants under Tokugawa Ieyasu’s command.

Meanwhile, Sanada Yukimura tries to gather 10 of the strongest warriors to form the Sanada Ten Braves, to serve as his trump card in the brewing wars. As the brave warriors gather and battles erupt, Isa Nami ‘s hidden power begins to awaken…?!

The Sanada Ten Braves, history’s most beautiful, magnificent warriors! Together these ten hold the power to shape history!!

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