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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Ang Sumpa #1 and #2



Story by: Andoyman and SuperGi
Art by: Andoyman
Cover by: Andoyman
Publisher: Andoyman Komiks
3.5/ 5

User Rating
5 total ratings



Fresh and interesting plot; good pacing; steady character development


Dialogue gets cluttered; exposition heavy

To sum it all up..

Andoyman brings out a gripping detective thriller with local flair in Ang Sumpa.

Posted September 8, 2015 by



Good detective stories from local creators are hard to come by but Andoyman‘s Ang Sumpa is bound to change that.

Andoyman showcases his talent in crafting a compelling mystery/detective thriller. Ang Sumpa delves right into the crime in the opening sequence, the big mystery that affects everybody involved. The President of the Philippines was found dead in his room and it’s up to NBI agent Arman to solve the case.

The lead character Arman shows off his strong power of deduction and observational skills right off the bat. We get to see little bits of Arman’s detective prowess all over the issue, meanwhile teasing other big players in the story as well. Andoyman writes the story with very little fat, and paces it along steadily. The relationships of the characters are even more fleshed out in issue #2 through the use of flashbacks.

However, in his way of developing Arman’s character comes a problem that could distract the reading experience. Due to the nature of the genre, some exposition is required. And as a result the dialogue tends to get very long and cluttered. Big dialogues are clumped together in one single balloon which could be off-putting to some. Breaking down the dialogue into different balloons, some panel rearrangements and layouts should fix that. Going into issue #2, Andoyman improves on this a bit but the problem still persists in some panels.


The black and white art is a good choice as it adds to the overall feel of the story. It is a staple of the genre after all. The main problem with black and white though is if done poorly, the art blends and mixes with every object on the page. Although limited in color choice, Andoyman manages to contrast the background from the foreground in every panel making it easy on the eyes.


The strongest aspect about the art is Andoyman’s drawing of facial expressions. It takes a considerable amount of skill to fully convey an emotion through facial expressions and he successfully brings out what they feel with little effort. For the most part they are in tune with whatever the character is saying at the time. Even without dialogue, the emotions appear believable and very realistic.

Ang Sumpa is a gripping detective thriller with captivating visuals and mixed with local flair. It is something fans of the genre would love.

Drew Bagay

Drew is a lover of comic books, movies, and all things pop culture. He enjoys crime/thriller/noir fiction, playing the guitar, and taking long walks. He also doesn't like talking in third person.


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