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REVIEW: Better Late Than Never Ever – SAGA #55

Saga Vol 10 cov
Saga Vol 10 cov
Saga Vol 10 cov


Story by: Brian K. Vaughan
Art by: Fiona Staples
5/ 5

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To sum it all up..

After years of long waiting (plus, the global shipping delays), SAGA strikes back with THE BANG!

Posted March 21, 2022 by


ccccccc This extra-long 55th issue is worth the patience for the (re)opening salvo sets up several potential trajectories for our beloved characters. Like, first, The Will and Gwendolyn (and The Lying Cat?) gear up for the hunt. Two, Hazel, as a teenage grown up, still hides and seeks from forces who want her precious hide. And, more interesting characters, good or otherwise, show up to make the journey worthy the name SAGA!

As usual, some social commentaries litter once again to illustrate how comics can be a worthy vehicle for social awareness and even progress, as well as one of the prime influencers of culture and society. For examples, violence is highlighted due to racial and social animosities and injustices. Another is the cost of education that may briefly highlight in that medium but due to high cost and apparently the states’ other national priorities, the future of our next generation is reeling. That’s the beauty of comics like SAGA! And other social themes of welfare and universal rights are subtlety illustrated alongside with the great storytelling craftmanship of Brian K. Vaughan and the always amazing artistry of the one and only Fiona Staples!

Speaking of whom, Staples’ art remains stunning despite the long hiatus. Facial expressions of different emotional spectrums from various characters remain consistently realistic, and the creativity of new worlds and characters are eye-catching, even moments of chaos and stunning moments. Clean, subtle yet dramatically colorful even in serious turns, Fiona continues her brand of artistic excellence and hopefully continues so.

Saga #55 picks up where it left off years ago, but it never leaves out hanging in the creative side. With some shades of social awareness in place while chronicling the tribulations of Hazel et al., this (re)opening chapter is an awesome hors d’oeuvre indeed.

Paul Ramos



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