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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Frequency Routine



Story by: Andrea Catrina Tolentino
Art by: John Dela Cruz
Publisher: Machina Studios
3/ 5

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Simple and easy to understand; It has the potential to be better


Lack of interesting events

To sum it all up..

Frequency Routine is a local comic book series that is composed of one-shots. Though it is a silent comic, it still has a voice that needs to be heard.

Posted November 15, 2014 by


I3-COVERFrequency Routine is a local comic book series that is composed of one-shots. When asked on why they chose this approach, their artist John Dela Cruz answered:

“The best analogy we came up when we were doing this: We wanted this to be read like how people watch Bioman, or Maskman. You can enjoy any episode without the burden of needing to know each and every past episode. You can take each episode and have a complete story.”

Creating a silent comic can be really hard. With no words to convey what is happening, the comic will have to rely on the illustration of the artist to communicate the flow of the story. Not everyone can pull it off properly. For their first issue, Andrea Catrina Tolentino‘s writing managed to tell the story of a musician, yet it still felt somewhat lacking. Even for a one shot, the progress of events in this issue has been uneventful. It could have benefited more if there were more things that was happening around the character. There was a story there but it could have been conveyed more clearly. There are some panels that could have been skipped or can be exchanged for more eventful scenes. Nevertheless the story was still able to hold its ground.

John Dela Cruz’s art for the first issue could be described as clean. His illustrations is able to communicate what is happening in the story to the readers with ease. However, it would have looked better if he adds more details to it for the next issue. Since it’s just the first issue, readers can still expect his illustrations to become more developed.

Frequency Routine might feel a little bland for its first issue but it can’t be denied that it shows potential. Hopefully they’ll have a stronger issue the second time around.


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