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REVIEW: The Unity Saga in ‘Superman #1′



Story by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Ivan Reis
4.5/ 5

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To sum it all up..

Superman #1 made easier for readers and for casual Superman comic book readers like me.

Posted July 11, 2018 by


After the events in Man of Steel the mini-series, Superman finds himself in familiar territory as the feeling of loneliness grow every second he is away from his family. Lois chaperoned their son, Jon, in the latter’s quest to discover himself and his place in the universe. The only means of communicating with his family was destroyed by Rogol Zaar during their battle in the Fortress of Solitude.


Brian Michael Bendis does a great job of providing a summary of what happened with Superman in the past couple of years. It made easier for readers and for casual Superman comic book readers like me. His reboot to the title has finally started and it serves as a great jump-off point for new readers and new fans. Bendis’ narratives throughout the book are superb and very entertaining. As a Batman fan, its books like this that will make me a fan of Big Blue. The best part about Bendis’ writing is that it made the character more relatable. As mentioned, Superman faces a dilemma which makes him look more human than ever before. It is also very evident that Bendis is setting up a lot of entry points for future stories in this book. He has definitely caught my interests and I’ll probably follow this series for a long time.

Ivan Reis’ art is, as always, very enticing. There are a couple of panels which really caught my attention. It made me stop reading the book because I had to take a couple of seconds to appreciate the beauty of his art. His crosshatching compliments his thick lines by adding another layer and depth to his art. Everything is just perfect. His spread pages are a sight to behold. God bless this man!

Superman-1-1-600x911 1

Overall, I’m very happy with how Bendis made things more interesting for Superman. After reading the first issue, I am convinced to follow this series for a long time. There are a lot of seeds planted for future stories and I am excited to see how everything pans out.

Paolo Ollero



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