Posted March 5, 2012 by Derek Vicente in Cosplay

Cosplay For The Day: Naomi Cheung

“I don’t usually use Twitter but when I do, I get to meet people like Naomi Cheung. After responding to her Final Fantasy VIII Super Guide, I quickly grabbed the opportunity to ask for Ms. Cheung’s permission to feature her sultry photographs in our Flip Geeks cosplay page. She obliged and now we have here three eye-candy photographs of Ms. Cheung’s teasing the camera with her original costumes. Her provocative, mouth-watering poses fit the outfits, by the way.


Catch Naomi Cheung on the following social media networks:

Follow Naomi @Twitter
See more of Naomi’s cosplay portfolio and artworks @DeviantArt
Read more about Naomi and her interests over at her Personal Blog

Derek Vicente

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