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“HERO HOUR” by Flipgeeks Raises P40,000 for Children’s Hour

Last August, your Flipgeeks team conducted its biggest event – “Hero Hour”,  a fan screening event of “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy” in benefit of Children’s Hour – a non-profit organization committed to improving the lives of underprivileged children in the Philippines through Education, Health & Nutrition, and Protection

Hero Hour aimed to unite geeks (toy enthusiasts, movie lovers, comic readers, etc) from various communities and Facebook groups, and to promote awareness with regards to social issues. The event was packed, tickets were sold out quickly and everyone was really happy especially during the raffle. A lot of people lined up early, and a lot of people had pictures taken with our guest cosplayers  -Frederick Alarcon Viñas(Star-Lord) and  Daphne Cortes(Gamora).


The raffle was greatly anticipated as a lot of people cheered during the drawing of winners, and a lot were going wild when a winner wasn’t present. Thanks to our sponsors such as Arigatoys, Druid’s Keep (DK Collectibles), Comic Odyssey and Cosplay PH, the event was more exciting and fun. After the event and the raffle, it was evident that people were happy, having big smiles on their faces (even if they didn’t win a prize!) talking about how good the movie was, and being part of something that could help out other people in need.

Joining the event was the Accenture Film Club, an organization of one of the country’s leading IT consulting company – Accenture Inc. “We in the Accenture Film club, try as much as possible to cater to the diverse onscreen and offscreen interests of our members. But one thing we are all passionate about, is the desire to watch written protagonists come to life on the digital screen and share the experience with those important to us. Flipgeeks and the Hero Hour has made all this a resounding success, with just the right mix of intergalactic action and the fulfilling satisfaction of being able to help the kids over at Children’s Hour.We definitely look forward to many more events like this to come!“, Alvin Tiamzon head of the Accenture Film Club stated.


Aside from professionals and young professionals joining the event, students from College of Saint Benilde’s BinD (Benildean Industrial Designers) organization were also present. After the event’s success, Jazmine Fedalizo of BinD stated “Hero Hour is the first event where the Benildean Industrial Designers (BInD) organization partnered as sponsors for an outside school event. Flipgeeks Entertainment Media and Children’s Hour Philippines first approached BInD in the hopes that we would help them promote and advertise their fund raising project. As Benildeans and Lasallians, the students have instilled in their hearts the different values that have been taught by the Christian/Catholic community. So when the opportunity to help our fellow Filipinos by the simple act of raising money for the kids in Cavite, we immediately wanted to join in. By doing so, we were able to watch an incredible movie and help a charity event both at the same time. We also agreed to the partnership for the sake of awareness about these different types of projects in the Benildean Community.

The experience overall was amazing. Getting to work with the event organizers was a great experience for a newly developed organization such as ours, and the movie itself was absolutely brilliant. My fellow attendees were very glad that they participated and everyone especially enjoyed the raffle draw after the movie screening.”

Of course, this event wouldn’t be possible and without our major sponsor – SMART Communications, Inc,. SMART’s support played a big role when it came to the fundraising. Overall, Hero Hour was able to raise 40,000 pesos  from ticket sales and sponsorship, and with the support of the local geek community.

Again, we’d like to thank our sponsors – SMART Communications, Arigatoys, Comic Odyssey, Druid’s Keep and Cosplay PH. As well as participation and cooperation of Ayala Malls Cinemas, Columbia Pictures Philippines, By Implication, College of Saint Benilde’s BinD, and the Accenture Film Club. Most of all, we’d like to thank and congratulate the Filipino geeks who attended the event, we’d like to let you know that this small act will go a long way in making a difference to the lives of those who are in need. Thank you for being a Hero.

Tony Tuason

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