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REVIEW: Monster Hunter Stories 2 : Wings of Ruin (NSW) — The Hunt Goes On



Published by: Capcom, Capcom U.S.A., Inc.
Developed by: Capcom, Marvelous Inc.
Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows
Genre(s): RPG
Mode(s): Single, Multiplayer
Game Type: ,
90/ 100

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Looks and plays like the main Monster Hunter games with a different a game style


Turn based games eventually becomes repetitive

Bottom Line

The Monster Hunter series is among Capcom‘s long time franchises. Since its first release in 2004, gamers including myself have spent countless hours hunting different monsters in the action role playing game that Capcom has  created. If you are unfamiliar to Monster Hunter, it’s game that let’s you hunt monsters that you carve out parts […]

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The Monster Hunter series is among Capcom‘s long time franchises. Since its first release in 2004, gamers including myself have spent countless hours hunting different monsters in the action role playing game that Capcom has  created. If you are unfamiliar to Monster Hunter, it’s game that let’s you hunt monsters that you carve out parts to create armors and weapons to face bigger monsters in the game. The concept has not changed in every iteration of the game. The only difference? There’s more and new monsters to hunt!

In 2016, Capcom released the first spin-off game off the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter Stories on  the Nintendo 3DS. I have not played this game myself but the major change is that from an action rpg, Monster Hunter Stories is a turned based rpg. Fast-forward to 2021 and we get the sequel to the spinoff – Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.



Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin follows your character who is a grandson of the legendary rider (hunter) Red along with your friends and the mysterious white-haired girl Ena. You are entrusted with the Rathalos egg that is prophesied to bring ruin to the world. The plot is simple enough to catch on even without playing the original Monster Hunter Stories. It’s well written and lighthearted story that makes this game like a Monster Hunter anime.

I particularly like Navirou, your feline companion that is somewhat  your trainer that you meet early on in-game. Hie adds humor to this game like in the conversation below. I admit, I’m easily amused but who couldn’t stand that funny face? lol.






The Monster Hunter games’ strength relies on its gameplay. From the real time action rpg of the main Monster Hunter games to the turn-based rpg style of Monster Hunter Stories 2. Play style aside, the gameplay still uses the same concept of hunting monsters. You can attack different monster parts and instead of carving monsters, you get monster parts in the form of rewards.

Another difference is that in this game, you play the role of a rider instead of hunter. Aside from hunting monsters, you also capture monster eggs that when hatched it fights alongside you. You call your monster, Monstie sort of your monster bestie similar to Pokemons. However, the similarities ends there as in this game, you also get to ride your Monsties and perform super moves and combos with them.


Monster Hunter Stories 2 uses a paper-rock-scissors mechanic. Monsters are classified into 3 different categories: Power, Techanical, and Speed. To win your battles you only need to remember that Power beats Technical, Technical beats Speed, and Speed trumps Power. Rinse and Repeat.


As a rider, you have access to 5 weapons, a sword and shield, a bow, a giant sword, hammer, and a hunting horn. However, you could only carry 3 weapons of your own choice for quests. Weapons are further categorized into Slash Weapons (sword and shield/ great sword), Blunt Weapons (hammer/hunting horn) and Pierce Weapons (Bow). The game does not limit you what to use but it’s wise to carry one weapon type.

Just like in the main Monster Hunter games, you get to upgrade your weapon and armor through monster parts that you obtain as rewards in-game.




Upgrading your Monsties skills is done through the Rite of Channeling. The process involves 2 Monsties, one that is inheriting the skill and the other one offering the skill. Take note that the Monstie offering the skill is sacrificed after the channeling. To activate the new skills on the monster that inherited the skill, you need to align the skills with the same color either diagonally, horizontally, vertically. The game offers a lot of monsters that you can use to trial and error. Just collect a lot of monster eggs.



Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin looks similar to other cel-shaded art found in games like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or even Genshin Impact.  This artstyle works for Monster Hunter Stories as it is more story driven game than a fast paced action game like the main Monster Hunter games. The game has superb animation that you barely notice the transition between a cut scene and the actual game. It sure does play and looks like an anime.


Even the character that you created looks like he was part of the original cast. The characters are nicely drawn that they do stand out on their own with their different personalities.

I also tried the exclusive layered armors in this game. These are cosmetic armors that doesn’t have any effect to your stats. Since I played Monster Hunter Rise, I got the free Kamura armor (middle armor). I also upgraded my copy to the deluxe edition and unlocked the Razewing Armor Alpha Razewing and Armor Beta (left side armor). I also got the Razewing Rathalos Amiibo that gave me Red’s armor.

I played this game on the Switch Lite and it plays well even on handheld. Load times are barely noticeable when switching maps or cut scenes.



As a long time Monster Hunter fan, I’m greatly satisfied with Monster Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. It is a  great companion to Monster Hunter World or Monster Hunter Rise (depending which you played last). Even as an open-world game, you can only play so much with the main Monster Hunter games. After obtaining the end game weapons/armors there’s nothing left to do until the next dlc or game comes out.

With Monster Hunter Stories, it’s a more story driven game that lets you invests more in the characters and delve more into the lore. The game still looks and is very much a Monster Hunter game with different mechanics. However, with Monster Hunter Stories being a turn-based rpg, at some point, like other games before it, eventually it becomes repetitive. This shouldn’t matter if you are already familiar with the genre, if not, it’s something that mixing different combos or playstyle could fix. Good thing, Monster Hunter Stories offer a fast forward option that’s helpful when grinding.

Could Monster Hunter Stories be Capcom’s Pokemon? Probably. However,  their similarities begins and ends with capturing and raising monsters. Monster Hunter Stories 2: Rings of Ruin with it’s characters and a well written storyline and gameplay could be a series on its own and not just Monster Hunter spinoff.


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