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ALLISON ROAD looks to Master the Art of Hallway Spook

Phasing through corridors repeatedly is a surreal nightmare. A paranormal disruption of such magnitude would send anyone to the brink of mental collapse. And to add insult to injury, a malevolent force in the form of a tormented spirit is following behind; her malevolent presence silenced by a dark force that cannot be exorcised by a filament of artificial light or dodged with a portal leading to the correct exit.

The people at Lilith have picked up where Konami left off, and everyone should be excited because Allison Road, a first-person survival horror game that closely resembles Silent Hills in look and atmosphere, is off to a great start on Kickstarter.  

Allison Road will not duplicate the rewinding terror that P.T. (Playable Teaser) craftily introduced. Instead, the game will extremely focus at pressuring the player in solving a mystery haunting a residential place perched in the suburbs of Manchester. Your family has gone missing, and you’re going to have to play paranormal detective and uncover what happened and comprehend the nightmare that have blighted the pale white hallways.

Director & Creator Chris Kesler announced that Allison Road is hardly a spiritual successor to Silent Hills. He added that Allison Road is set in a different universe, where the evil has an unrelenting ambition to keep the player away from a well-entombed secret hidden deep beneath.

Allison Road Third Hallway Allison Road Library Allison Road Second Hallway Allison Road Picture Drawer Allison Road Kitchen Area Allison Road Hallway Allison Road Ghost Sighting

Funding for Allison Road is still ongoing. You will never look at your house the same again with these grungy rendition of the same house Allison Road is set in.

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