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Health Benefits of Using a Gaming Chair




We gamers don’t exactly have the best reputation when it comes to looking after our health. The stereotypical gamer spends hours a day virtually immobile while stuffing their face with Doritos and Mountain Dew. That’s probably not a description that fits most gamers today, if it ever did. All sorts of people with all levels of health indulge in video games as a main hobby. We are getting more and more sedentary though and that’s a bad thing.

So, while the stereotype is largely untrue, it is true that spending all that time in front of a computer with the wrong sort of chair can do serious damage to your health. If you decide to become the owner of a fantastic gaming chair like the ones here, there are at least three health benefits you can look forward to.

1. Getting the Blood Flowing
Ever get those terrible pins and needles from sitting in a chair for a long time? A good gaming chair is designed to minimize disturbances to circulation. While you should get up every hour or so to help prevent things like blood clots or other serious issues related to being sedentary, having the right chair goes a long way to reducing those nasty side-effects. If you’re the sort of person that games in all sorts of weird positions, folds their legs up or otherwise pressures or kinks all the various veins and arteries in the body, a gaming chair can help you kick those bad habits and make sure you get the benefits of good circulation.

2. A Real Poser
Having good posture while seated helps you in more ways than I have time to list. For one thing, you’ll be much less sore after a long gaming session. Back and neck aches are much reduced with the right cushions and supports. Top gaming chairs are designed to help you sit in the right position while also making you comfortable. It’s one of the best ways of avoiding your fate as a bell rope-swinging hunchback. If you have a good gaming chair you’ll be less likely to slouch, you’ll protect your spine and best of all, and you’ll look totally cool while doing it.

3. Eye on the Prize
All of this comfort, support and correct posture has another pretty cool benefit: better concentration. Hear me out for a second. Things like muscle pain and fatigue only work to distract you. If you’re uncomfortable and sore it really makes it hard to concentrate what you’re doing and you’ll end up taking more bullets to the face in Battlefield. I’m not saying that a gaming chair is suddenly going to make you king of the hill, just that it will provide you with a slightly better edge overall. More importantly, you’ll enjoy your gaming session more if you feel better.

It’s a Team Effort

Of course, having an ergonomic gaming chair is just one aspect of taking care of your health. You should also pay attention to other while gaming:

  • Get up every hour and take a short walk.
  • If your eyes get tired or sore, take a break.
  • Don’t ignore muscle pains.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Get enough sleep!

It also helps to make time to relax, but you can also double-dip and alleviate stress while gaming too.

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