Posted January 3, 2012 by Earl Maghirang in Gaming

High Moon Studios Reveal More Screenshots for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

High Moon Studios is currently hard at work ironing out the kinks for the game Transformers: Fall of Cybertron but that doesn’t mean they can’t release new screenshots for this highly-anticipated game.

Not much details related to the release of the images but what I can say is that this game will rock 2012 much like how 2010 and 2011 was rocked by the original game Transformers War of Cybertron.

This would be the fallout from the events of the first game and will also serve as the video game debut of classic Autobots and Decepticons such as the Dinobots like Grimlock and even the Combaticons. Oh and there’s also the rumored appearance of Metroplex and Tripticon.

Earl Maghirang