Posted December 1, 2021 by Crisman Malahito in Events

Mineski Masters: An Explosive Comeback

Mineski esports organization has brought back the Masters to the Philippine scene.

It was four years ago that Manila Masters was created to cater the dire need of an international tournament here in the motherland.Mineski

This new iteration of Mineski Masters brought 4 invited teams (TNC Predator, Motivate.Trust Gaming, Boom Esports and OB.Neon) and 4 open qualifier teams (UD Vessuwan, InterActive Philippines, GrindSky Esports, and Execration) on a double elimination bracket to fight for a million-peso prize pool last week, November 25-28 to revitalize the local Dota 2 scene in the Philippines.


The playoffs went on with fantastic best-of-three matchups that gave us a warmup for the upcoming SEA DPC season starting this December. TNC Predator with their new roster consisting of YoungGod, Yowe, X1aOyU, PlayHard and Dota 2 veteran Febby went unto a rocky start as they curtsied on the 2nd round of the lower bracket against GrindSky Esports.

An almost Cinderella story was made by Motivate.Trust Gaming (JaCkky,Fearless,Masaros, Q, and Boombui) from Thailand and Laos, as they dropped early on the 1st round of the upper bracket against UD Vessuwan but found their rhythm as they knock off Execration, OB.Neon, GrindSky Esports and got their revenge to UD Vessuwan.

Boom Esports, however, is a different story. Coached by one of the Dota 2 pioneers, Mushi, The team is made to dominate. skem, Tims, Fbz, Yopaj and Tino did not drop a single series as they claim the bulk of the prize pool against Motivate.Trust Gaming.


The Mineski Masters capped off the Dota 2 pre-DPC season hoping to ignite an intense SEA DPC league for the 2021-2022 tour.

Crisman Malahito