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Philippine School of Netrunner’s First Annual Beginner’s Hack 2015


The Philippine School of Netrunner is organizing the first ever casual tournament for Netrunner novices. The event named “Engineering the Future: First Annual Beginner’s Hack 2015” is going to be held on Saturday, December 5, 2015 at Fire Sword Café located at Unit 201 Times Square Building, 57 Examiner st. corner Times st., Quezon City.

For those who aren’t familiar, Android: Netrunner, is a Living Card Game (LCG) and published by Fantasy Flight Games. The game is for two players and set in the dystopian future of the Android universe. The game is played as a battle between a megacorporation and a black hat hacker (runner) in a duel to take control of data.


Admission for the event is Php 150 for those who were able to pre-register while on-site registration costs Php 200. Interested participants are able to pre-register by clicking on this link. After completing the pre-registration, participants should wait for an acknowledgement from the Philippine School of Netrunner team. Payment will be collected during the tutorial sessions and packet claiming days.


On-site registration begins at 9:00 am and the event formally begins at 10:30 am.

Participants should be a “casual player/novice” to Netrunner. A novice is defined as someone who has not placed in any game night kit (GNK), organized tournament (Top 1 to 4), store championships (top 1 to 8), regionals or nationals tournament (top 1 to 16). People with tournament experience can join as long as the first condition is met and the participation to any store-sanctioned tournament was made within the last year only.

The tournament only allows one (1) copy of the Android: Netrunner core set. Cards from data packs and expansion boxes are restricted.


Philippine School of Netrunner “Engineering the Future: First Annual Beginner’s Hack 2015” is bought to us by Meeple Power Games, Fire Sword Café and the Philippine School of Netrunner.

Learn more about the event at the Philippine School of Netrunner’s Facebook page.

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