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The Holy Grail is the most sought after relic in Arthurian literature, a rare item, sought by many and countless have failed. Now, imagine that in a geek context. Geeks for years have always hunted the rarest of rares in any collection from action figures, trading cards, basketball cards, Magic: The Gathering cards, comic books, even in MMORPGs, you name it, there’s that one rare exclusive item that everyone wanted to have.

Youtube Channel OpenBoosters recently performed an Alpha Starter Magic:The Gathering deck opening. To those who are not familiar, Magic The Gathering is trading card game by Wizards of the Coast. It’s one of the longest trading card games around dating all the way back to 1993. Magic: The Gathering has since continued to gain popularity and its players are continuously growing at about twelve million and counting.


Twenty-one years since the inception of Magic the Gathering, one of its rarest cards had been found by OpenBoosters and is in mint condition! The BLACK LOTUS is the RAREST Magic: The Gathering card in the whole world.  The Black Lotus was included in the original Alpha starter back in 1993 and only 1,100 cards were printed. I was in grade school when I first heard of the Black Lotus. It’s like an urban legend among players, you all know it but none have seen, not until today.

The BLACK LOTUS is one of Magic the Gathering’s POWER NINE, which is a set of rare powerful cards. Any one of the Power Nine cards is extremely valuable, most especially in good condition. A card in good mint condition would net you a few grand instantly! The BLACK LOTUS in this condition is valued at approximately $30,000! In pesos, that’s a whopping 1.3 million pesos!

Around 8 minutes into the video you’d see the fan’s reaction when he finally saw the Black Lotus. That was priceless. It’s the same feeling as having the winning lottery ticket or may be even more. It’s not every day that you get to see a card, a moment this rare.

To the lucky owner of the Black Lotus, we at Flipgeeks would like to congratulate you! Awesome find, man!


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