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New DESTINY Loot Cave Discovered, Plus Other Secrets!

A few days ago, Bungie implemented a number of changes to online shooter epic Destiny – which apparently included the dissolution of the infamous “loot cave,” much to the fans’ disappointment. However, it appears like a similarly themed new area has been found.

A video on YouTube account PS4 Trophies shows an un-patched area in the Rocketyard sector of Old Russia where players can farm rare items. This cave works much like the first one, with short enemy respawn timers and a higher legendary drop chance. Bungie has been monitoring player behavior since the game’s launch, and may shut this cave down eventually, too. But as of now, it’s still there.

You could check the video above to learn more about this new loot cave.

Apart from the said discovery, another YouTube user by the handle of Scott M. posted a new video outlining the upcoming content for the game. He specified that the outlines came from a strange bug he encountered recently.

It shows a number of new strikes and two new raids, all housed on planets that came with the base game. One of the raids takes place on Reef, where the Awakened queen and her jerkface brother live. The names of the expansions in the video match up with the names of the planned DLC expansions: The Dark Below, which will be out sometime in December, and House of Wolves, which is coming sometime next year. It also shows the Iron Banner, a free multiplayer event coming in October.

Check these screencaps below:





Bear in mind that while this bug does appear to reveal a number of new additions that line up with what we’re expecting from the expansions, there could well be other additions like new gear, bounties, crucible maps, etc. It’s also not clear whether the expansion content is already on the game disc—it’s possible (or even likely) that the icons on the map are just placeholders for new content that will be delivered digitally.

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