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Watch As DESTINY’S Hardest Boss Atheon Goes Down In 17 Seconds!

There are two things a Destiny player should be wary of in terms of difficulty and preparedness: The Vault On Glass raid, and the game’s hardest boss, Atheon. However, what if we tell you there are ways of beating them both like a mere walk to the park?

YouTube user Bludrunk uploaded a video which shows a team of Guardians taking Atheon down in just 17 seconds, though this ignores the time it takes to reach the boss and the phase in which he’s vulnerable. The video description attributes the feat to a clan called Legendary Crew. Their group was made up of three Sunsinger Warlocks and three Gunslinger Hunters. Five were level 30, one was 29. Four out of six used the Gjallarhorn exotic rocket launcher, which, as you can clearly see, adds up to an insane amount of damage.

To give you guys an idea as to how difficult Atheon is, only a few players so far were able to achieve the feat of thrashing him, with most attempts lasting for hours. Here’s one of those lucky attempts – which lasted for almost 20 mins.

Yesterday, Bungie announced it will introduce some bug fixes for this encounter. Knocking any boss off of a ledge in their arena is considered a bug, and for the Atheon encounter, it’s adding “baby bumpers to areas where players could knock Atheon out of the environment.” It also said that a “change will take effect next week which fixes a bug with Atheon’s target selection. When using its Timestream ability, Atheon will select 3 players at random, instead of choosing the three players furthest from it.

Catch the video above to view Bludrunk’s successful beating of Atheon.

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