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X-Play launches NBA2k Online


X-Play, the pioneer online gaming publisher for free-to-play in the country is set to revitalize the country’s online gaming scene with the launch of NBA2k Online.

NBA2k Online is a free-to-play sports simulation online game that offers the best of the award winning NBA2k video game series which showcases immersive gameplay, player customization and massive online community.


After a warm reception from gamers and closed beta participants, NBA2k Online has already moved on to its open beta test. Currently, there is a high demand for NBA2k Online from internet shop owners and gamers which is on top of the huge daily download of the game client according to X-Play’s Online Games general manager, Ronald Aquino.


Currently, there are three modes available for NBA2k Online which are My Career, 3vs3 Streetball and a 1vs1 NBA Matchup. NBA2k Online has a lot of events lined-up that includes free-to-play events and on-the-spot tournaments in various places such as internet shops, festivals and malls around the metro.


You may learn more about NBA2k Online through the game’s official website and Facebook page.

NBA2k Online is owned by 2k, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc and is co-developed by Visual Concepts China and Tencent.

About X-Play Online Games

X-Play Online Games is a part of IP Ventures Inc. and has been involved in boxed game distribution in the past years, with Blizzard Entertainment and Take Two Interactive among its partners.

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