Posted August 24, 2017 by Hannah Bautista in Gaming

Tekken Invades Mobile Gaming

Bandai Namco Entertainment got a lot of fans excited earlier this week as they announced that Tekken will soon invade mobile gaming! As one of the world’s most successful fighting game franchise, Tekken has amassed millions of fans and have withstood the test of time. The game was originally released in arcades during late 1994 and was closely followed by a Playstation release the next year. The franchise already has nine games released, including the most recent one Tekken 7. Because of its success on all major gaming platforms, creator Bandai Namco decided it was time to try mobile gaming in the iOS and Android.

Tekken Mobile will feature a single player Story mode and an online match mode where you can fight other players one on one. In story mode, you can create a team of three who will assist Kazuya Mishima against a new enemy created solely for the mobile game. The company boasts of creating over 100 playable characters, who can be upgrades with unique moves and styles.

The game has only been soft-launched in Canada, but it can be expected that the game will be fully launched around the world soon. You can visit their website to pre-register for the game. If you do choose to pre-register, you might get some free bonuses like in-game currency or unlocked characters.

Hannah Bautista