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The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim – Dragonborn DLC announced, where’s the GOTY edition?

The Elder Srcolls V Skyrim - Dragonborn


If you’re not yet done shouting FUS RO DAH on your enemies, and you’re still having fun playing with the past DLCs – Hearthfire (yay, raise a family!) and Dawnguard (Vampires ..hssss). Rejoice, warrior!! For another DLC has come — DRAGONBORN .

The third dlc, will focus on the return of the first Dragonborn — the Dragonbeast, and it’s most likely that you have to face him.

If you’ve already watched the trailer (below) a lot of things are suggested and some quite obvious. First there seems to be more types of weaponry and armor, and the most exciting one is the dragonmount – the ability to ride a dragon! And it looks contrcollable. Since the dlc is about dragons and dragonborns, it is possible that we might get new shouts aside too.

The only sad news about it though, the DRAGONBORN dlc is for XBOX 360, and no solid news on a PC and PS3 release yet. So what’s next for us? I think it’s time for a a Game of the Year edition containing all DLCs and add-ons

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