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CM PUNK Opens Up About His Departure from WWE, Talks Issues Within the Company

CM Punk

Arguably the most controversial event in the wrestling industry this year is CM Punk’s abrupt departure from the WWE this January. No statements were posted by WWE about it, and Punk kept mum for months, until now. On Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast this week, CM Punk breaks his silence and talks about everything – him leaving the WWE, health issues, and lot of backstage stories.

In case you are not able to listen to the full podcast at this time, here is a summary of what was discussed:

  • Essentially Punk was starting to feel very miserable in the WWE, and left the company to be happy. Punk said it wasn’t an easy decision to make but it was a long time coming. It was a combination of a lot of things that led to him leaving WWE, but the biggest factor that led him to leaving was his detoriating health.
  • Ever since Punk did his “pipebomb” in 2011, he received massive mainstream attention. Legitimate companies like GQ magazine, USA Today, etc. wanted an interview with him and obviously sponsor him for a large amount of sum (like the MMA fighters with their shorts full of sponsors). Punk went to Vince McMahon to talk to him about it but Vince turned him down. Fast forward a year later and Brock Lesnar wears shorts full of his sponsors’ brands.
  • Chael Sonnen (UFC MMA fighter) had a fight in Chicago and Punk (then WWE Champion) wanted to walk him to the octagon. Royal Rumble is happening the night after and Punk thought it would be good exposure. Vince again turned him down saying that UFC is “barbaric” and that “somebody might die.” Then a week later Triple H walks Floyd Mayweather Jr. to the ring in his fight.
  • Punk outsold John Cena in merchandise sales but it didn’t matter. Punk also did everything John Cena outside the ring (e.g. Make-a-Wish appearances) but WWE just never advertised it.
  • WWE Studios wanted CM Punk to be in a movie called “12 Rounds 2.” HHH told him the shooting dates but it coincided with the European tour at the time. HHH and Punk argued about the dates and HHH told Punk that he would get back to him. The next day Randy Orton was announced as the star of the movie without telling Punk.
  • Punk said that people who go against the management are inevitably “punished” afterwards by getting taken off PPVs, and major shows like RAW and Smackdown.
  • WWE doesn’t do anything to protect the wrestlers. WWE does everything to protect themselves. They do regular concussions check-up or physical examinations not for the good of the wrestlers, but only so they could look good in public.
  • The Shield was CM Punk’s idea. Originally the writers wanted to stick Punk in a stable with Big Show, Daniel Bryan, and Seth Rollins since Punk was turning heel at the time. Punk rejected the idea and instead suggest to call up three guys from FCW who were ready for the big leagues. The guys he picked were Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Chris Hero. Vince and HHH didn’t want Hero so they picked Roman Reigns instead. Before The Shield debuted, they were supposed to be Punk’s guys but then evolved into their own stable.
  • Punk claims that wrestling Ryback took 20 years of his life, and calls him “Steroid Guy.” According to Punk, Ryback is a dangerous guy to work with in the ring, and once kicked him in the stomach as hard as he could and broke his ribs.
  • Punk was pissed about putting over guys that are part-timers (e.g. Rock, Undertaker, Brock) and still have to work every single week.
  • He has incurred several injuries over the years but was asked to immediately wrestle again after only a short rehabiliation. One that stood out the most was a growing lump on his back for months that WWE doctor Dr. Amann refused to treat because Punk had to wrestle. The doctor just repeatedly put him on antibiotics for months. After leaving WWE, the lump became purple in color and Punk went to AJ Lee’s doctor to have it treated. The lump turned out to be a full-grown staph infection.
  • After being refused proper treatment by management, CM Punk went to Vince’s office and HHH was also there. He expressed his frustrations to them but ultimately decided to just leave the company. A week later he received a text from Vince saying he was suspended for two months. A few months later on his wedding day, he received his termination letters through mail. He got fired.
  • Ultimately CM Punk and WWE agreed to a settlement that he wasn’t allowed to disclose but said that he got “everything he wanted and then some.”
  • Punk is very clear that he hates wrestling in general these days and will never wrestle again.

CM Punk tells a lot of very interesting stories and eye-opening issues about his time in the WWE and also his coworkers in the interview. I fully recommend listening to the full podcast to hear the full details of everything listed above and a lot more. If the link to Colt Cabana’s podcast is stil not working due to server issues, here is a YouTube mirror:

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