Posted July 20, 2014 by LJ Zenarosa in Entertainment

CM Punk Moves To WWE Alumni: Good Bye Pipe Bombs.

After CM Punk’s absence in WWE after last year’s Royal Rumble, there were a lot of rumors popping up left and right about his whereabouts. Since then, the popular wrestling outfit had slowly started removing his name and his appearances in their videos and commercials. And now, it’s proven that he was totally out of the companyThey just moved the Second City Saint to the Alumni section of the website.

This move garnered a lot of attention and reactions from fans and also wrestling sites and podcasts. The Fans Podcast had stated in their Twitter account a farewell for him, saying “Goodbye Pipe Bomb Dropper” with a picture of him in the said website.

Punk responded the tweet with this from his Twitter account.

With his absence, I am sure a lot of wrestling fans will definitely miss him. As he move to his new career or pathway (he teases us that he will set up a band, a podcast and well, fire.. but that’s Punk for you.), who knows, a lot of people still respect his talent and the way he used the mic as his weapon of choice. He had left a void in the roster that can never be fill in – because after, there could only be one Voice of The Voiceless.

So long, CM Punk. Thank you for sharing your voice to us. You’ll always be the Best in the World.

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