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MOVIE REVIEW: Ang Nawawala – Feels, Family, and Good Music



Directed by: Marie Jamora
Written By: Marie Jamora and Ramon De Veyra
Starring: Dominic and Felix Roco, Dawn Zulueta, Annicka Dolonius, Boboy Garovillo
Genre: , , ,
9/ 10

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It offers a peek into the world of hipsters, Visually delighting, Awesome musical score and OST


This movie is not for everyone, particularly non-fans of the music genre.

After a few years abroad, Gibson returns home to reconnect with his estranged family. Watch as he try to reconnect with them and as he falls in love while discovering the local indie music scene.

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It’s hard to figure out what one would expect from this movie after watching its trailer. Maybe a movie about friendship? Romance? Family? But after watching it, I found out that there’s more. Much more.

Since it is an indie film, you might as well throw out your usual expectations for a Filipino film.

First off, the movie revolves around themes such as family, friendship, and romance. The main plot focuses around Gibson’s (the protagonist) struggle to reconnect with his family after years of being away and also dealing with his mother who became distant due to a tragedy in the past. Also to further develop Gibson’s character and to make things more interesting, there is also the theme of romance. Cue Enid, the “cool” girl who our silent protagonist falls in love with.



Gibson and the gang

The film boasts an awesome cast such as Dominic Roco, Felix Roco, Dawn Zulueta, Boboy Garovillo and Annicka Dolonius. I didn’t see them as actors but as the characters that they were portraying and I must say that the casting was on the spot. You’ll see that it’s not just a bunch of people that you just placed together in a set. You can tell that there is a connection among them, especially between Gibson and his friends.

There was never a dull moment in the movie. The scenes would either be funny, romantic, or serious but it doesn’t get boring. Thanks to the witty lines, the movie was able to deliver a lot of laughs without having to rely on slapstick comedy that is almost present in every Filipino movies. When it comes to the romance part, well you can feel the chemistry between Annicka and Dominic. There were scenes that will make you go “awwwwww” and there are those that will make you say  “oh”.

Gibson and Enid sharing an intimate sound trip

Gibson and Enid sharing an intimate sound trip

Another thing that this movie offers is a peek into the world of hipsters. Their style and the other things that make them stand out. For example their love for old things like vinyl. The movie show a lot of scenes were vinyl records are included. It even features a scene where Gibson is listening to a vinyl record at a vinyl shop in Cubao Expo with Enid. Aside from records, the movie also features a lot of indie bands. They might not be that well known or famous but that is what makes them indie.

The movie is also visually delighting. Every scene is an eye candy that would take your attention. It might either be an object or the setting itself. You could probably watch it with no sounds and just ogle at it and see how visually entertaining the movie is.

Since most of the parts of the films shows our protagonist attending gigs, the movie used  actual gig spots around the metro where indie bands are usually present. Places such as Route 196, Saguijo, and the Collective were shown along with the indie bands that usually play there. The movie really does capture the local indie music scene in our country and it is one of the elements that made this movie much more loveable.

For the OST of the movie, I must say that this is one of those movie where the OST can be on its own. Most of the bands that contributed their music can also be seen in the movie. “Minsan” by the Eraserheads is also a part of the OST but it was a special version. The director, Marie Jamora, specifically asked Raymund Marasigan to re-record the drums for it. Needless to say, he replied with a yes. The atmosphere of each scene is perfectly set by the background music. To keep up with the hipster theme of the movie, director Marie Jamora also released the OST in vinyl format.


Ang Nawawalang Soundtack Vinyl Cover

I really enjoyed it but it still has something that might be its flaw. This movie is not for everyone. Not everyone can relate to the lifestyle of the characters. I think that this movie might not appeal to the “masa” but hey, it is an indie film after all.

The film won the “Audience Choice” award and the “Best Original Score” award from the Cinemalaya 2012. I find this movie is easy to enjoy and very entertaining. One screening isn’t enough to enjoy the film. I recommend that you watch the movie while it’s still out in Teatrino. Then after the movie, ask yourself: What isn’t there.

Catch the trailer here:


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