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MOVIE REVIEW: “UNFINISHED BUSINESS” is one business trip you wouldn’t want to miss.



Directed by: Ken Scott
Starring: Vince Vaughn, Sienna Miller, Dave Franco, Tom Wilkinson
Genre: ,
6/ 10

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Hilarious performance by Dave franco, fun and light script, likeable Vince Vaughn, excellent comic timing


Occasional cheesy lines, clique storyline

By the end of the film, you would want to go on a business trip with these guys as well.

Posted March 12, 2015 by


Unfinished Business is a consistently funny, refreshing and an overall hilarious comedy for anyone who’s ever had to deal with work difficulties. With the unlikeliest companions and an itinerary-gone-awry in Berlin, it’s a laugh-out-loud trip you wouldn’t want to miss. By the end of the film, you would want to go on a business trip with these guys as well.

Just hold off on those expectations, and prepare to be thoroughly amused.

Vince Vaughn stars as the hardworking Dan Trunkman, a small-time business owner who’s about to make the biggest deal of his life with a trip to Berlin along with his two associates, Timothy McWinters (Tom Wilkinson) and Mike Pancake (Dave Franco).


You can expect the usual formula, often found in comedies like this: a struggling hero and his unconventional bromance with his buddies, a feisty Female antagonist, and a riot of a trip during one of the busiest seasons in an exciting city (Berlin). Despite the predictable plot, and the occasional cheesy scenes, the film still manages to shine with its witty dialogues filled with a handful of sex-infused jokes that come off as riotous, and extremely entertaining.


Vince Vaughn has a knack for making everything seem light and surprisingly funny, albeit his character’s ongoing difficulties in his personal and work life. It seems like, despite it all, he’s proven to be a man you’ll always root for to succeed, and clearly that’s one of the key highlights of this movie. Tom Wilkinson is a natural sidekick, whose one-liners and back stories set the tone for quite an interesting character. But the film’s real scene stealer goes out to Dave Franco, who plays the rookie newcomer whose last name was banned from ever mentioning (out of Dan’s fear of not being taken seriously as a startup company), Mike Pancake. His character didn’t have to try too hard to crack a joke, or tell a witty punch line. In fact, he doesn’t have to do anything at all but be his usual naïve and clumsy self, whose presence complemented the two other characters. This is made even more genuine with Dave’s breezy and inventive performance that will surely amuse any moviegoer who’s in for a rollercoaster ride from St. Louise to Berlin.


Sienna Miller is wonderful as the gutsy antagonist, Chuck, whose strong female presence works as the cherry on top of a highly amusing movie experience. Supporting her, as a secondary antagonist, is the charming James Marsden, in his usual handsome self.

Overall, the film, despite its predictability, is still worth a trip to that cinema. Come out of those doors smiling, satisfied and leave every unfinished business with work stress behind. Surely, that’s what Dan would have done, if he were in your shoes. He’s a character that speaks to every working class citizen who’s ever had to struggle for a position, a raise or even a validation from the work he invested upon. That’s still something worth spending a few bucks on, finding those answers in the most unexpected places, with the unlikeliest company, and maybe during the worst of times.


Unfinished Business is brought to you by 20th Century Fox. It is now showing in theaters everywhere. Stars Vince Vaugn, Sienna Miller, Dave Franco and Tom Wilkinson.

Nikki Espartinez



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