Posted June 10, 2012 by Earl Maghirang in Movies/TV

CHUCK Star ZACHARY LEVI in Talks of Becoming FANDRAL in THOR 2

News from the production of Thor 2 is that “Chuck” star Zachary Levi is currently in talks with Marvel Studios for the role of Fandral (from the Warriors Three).

Levi will be replacing Stuart Townsend who will be leaving the sequel due to a TV commitment.

News on the wire is that Levi was originally offered the role when production began for “Thor” but due to his contract with NBC’s Chuck, he had to concede and give the role for Townsend.

During the early phases for Thor 2, the role of Fandral was given to Josh Dallas but things went sour ever since that announcement. Oh and if you grew fond of the other members of the Warriors Three you should be happy to know that both Ray Stevenson who plays Volstagg and Tadanobu Asano who plays Hogun will still be part of the cast for the sequel.

Levi also played the role of Flynn Rider in the film “Tangled” which has elements of Erol Flynn which was also the peg for Fandral.

Earl Maghirang