Posted April 16, 2012 by Earl Maghirang in Movies/TV

SPOILERS: Who Makes An Appearance at the End of The Avengers Movie

We’ve all learned to stay put after the credits starts rolling for all Marvel Studios movies and Marvel’s The Avengers definitely continues the same tradition,

Now before you proceed and find out the identity of this surprise villain, you should be warned that this is a major spoiler… DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU WANT TO CATCH THE FILM IN ALL ITS SURPRISES AND TWISTS.


Still there? Okay.

Now we’ve already read a lot of stuff online about Thanos being the other villain in this film directed by Joss Whedon. While Marvel Studios has been mum about this whole subject there are now several articles that came out suggesting that the Thanos rumor was actually true… to some extent.

In the article that I read, it seems that one of the surviving aliens who returns to Thanos reports that invading the Earth will be tantamount to suicide. The report then went on to state that Thanos will be stating something in the line of “Then its time to do this myself” or something that. Either way the last bit teases the appearance of the movie version of Thanos.

What’s truly interesting to note is that you don’t have to wait that long for the appearance of this clip. It seems like Marvel has other plans for the actual post-credit scene and as such places the Thanos exposure in the middle of the ending credits.

Earl Maghirang